England - Part 5: An Outfit Post

While in England, I tried to dress up as much as possible while still being comfortable enough to walk the hills and cobblestone streets which I'm soooo not used to. At first I thought, I could NEVER wear heels in this city, I'd fall! I had to try it though (not the falling part). I did pretty good! I wore this to run a few errands and do a bit of shopping. Everything I'm wearing I bought in England because I realized when I got there that I didn't really bring much to wear. This was probably a good thing since fitting everything in my suitcase in the end was a puzzle. I think I have one more post on England to wrap up my trip and then I'll do a video to show you everything I bought! 

How's your September so far? It's toats my fave month ever. 

I faintly remember how much everything was but it was also in pounds so I'm going to save myself the headache and leave the prices out. Plz forgive me! Shirt and Shoes: New Look. Jeggings and Necklace: H&M. Rings: Camden Market. 

Photos by Jonathan Lindsay. 

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  1. Ahh, how could you have not packed enough clothes?? Although that is a pretty good excuse to have buy new duds! I really like your necklace. It's simple but also stands out in a cool way.