England - Part 4: Last Day in London

I'm now back home in Canada. This is the first time I've had the opportunity to make a new post! Here's a recap of our last day in London:

Plans for our last day in London included visiting my favourite designer's original shop, World's End (Vivienne Westwood), and then meeting up with Jonathan's family to go on the London Eye and sight see a little bit. We got up, had breakfast, and hopped in a cab to World's End. I have dreamed of this store for years and never imagined I would actually get to go. As the cab pulled up, it was like walking into a dream. It was so unreal, I can't describe it. We walked in and were greeted by the three sales people. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. All the mannequins were dressed in complete Vivienne style and everything I had watched on T.V., online, and in magazines was in front of my eyes. It's one thing to watch a fashion show and another to actually see and touch the clothes. I knew I couldn't leave without buying something so I sifted through each item. I was close to buying a gold necklace with her logo on it when I succumbed to the shirt that caught my attention from the second I walked in. I quickly tried it on and without a doubt purchased it. I'll show you in a blog post in the near future. It's quirky and fun and SO Vivienne. I'll treasure it forever. 

We hopped in another cab, got our stuff from the hotel, and rode to Paddington station to meet up with his family. We then took the underground to the London Eye which is basically a huge ferris wheel near Big Ben that has little domes that hold up to 25 people. The wheel slowly goes up and gives you the best view of London. I thought it would be scary since I'm scared of heights but since it moves so slowly, I felt ok! I got to see the entire city from the top and it was beautiful. We also got lucky with a sunny day. 

After the Eye we got some food and walked past Big Ben. We then ventured over to the beautiful Tower Bridge and off to a pub for dinner before heading back to Bath. All in all, I ADORED London but definitely didn't spend enough time there. I know I'll be going back there one day. There is just so much to see and do! 

the dream.

The Eye.

What a view!

The Eye from afar.

Big Ben. 
Tower Bridge.


  1. Thank you sooooooooo much for your kind words it means the world to me.
    You are beautiful and so are your photos.

  2. I adore the 'FASHION' necklace! I'm so glad you had a blast in London, babes. I will forever be jealous.