England - Part 2: Advanced Style

I've been following the Advanced Style blog for some time now. It mixes my admiration for seniors and fashion. It has helped me feel more confident about aging and I've whole heartedly taken the pledge to remain stylish and creative well into my 90s. What started as a hobby for Ari Seth Cohen, Advanced Style went from being a blog to becoming a movement. The fashion industry has now taken note of one of their most important and long ignored demographic- seniors. Designer labels such as Lanvin and Chanel have even photographed some of the Advanced Style ladies for their advertising campaigns. 

The blog has gotten so large that Ari embarked on creating a documentary on these amazing ladies. The documentary took a few years to make and required donations so I was constantly on my toes about when it would finally come out. I'd watch teasers of what was made of the film and just couldn't wait for the day I get to see it. Well that day came! It premiered in Toronto May 3 but I wasn't able to make the 5 hour drive down to see it. Knowing my trip to England was soon, I was on the Advanced Style website looking at show times. To my surprise, it was coincidentally playing at the Little Theatre in Bath on August 19 (5 min walk from where I am staying). I bought tickets the second they went on sale and after a recent thrifting trip, I knew exactly what my outfit would be. 

I've wanted a bright coloured suit for ages. Orange would be ideal however I was willing to settle for any bright colour. I found this beauty at Value Village a few weeks ago and had to buy it. It's linen so it does wrinkle easily but on the plus side, it's super light and very comfortable. 

The film was everything I'd hoped it would be. I got to learn even more about the ladies I had been following on his blog all this time. It's such a positive message and I know it will help many women to feel hopeful and excited even about aging. 

"I don't want to look young, I just want to look great!" - Joyce

Suit: Value Village, $13. Purse: Sally Beauty Supply, free. Shoes: JuJu, Little Burgundy, $40. Socks: Primark, $3. 

Photos by Jonathan Lindsay. 

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