When I Grow Up

I think we all at some point imagine what we're going to be when we grow up. When we're young, we have big dreams. Doctor, actress, rock star, model, shop owner. And by the time we're graduated high school, that dream tends to no longer exist and we become more concerned about survival than anything. While this is a sad fact, I believe it's still possible to find a job you love that encapsulates your childhood dream, reality, and the present day job market and expenses. 

I'll be the first to say finding a job, any job, is difficult. Especially for new graduates of college or university who expect a little more than minimum wage. However, a careful mixture of passion, hard work, determination, persistence, a little bit of luck and a good outfit can certainly help generate leads and hopefully in turn, a job. 

I recently got to thinking about my childhood dreams and compared it to my current job. I found so many similarities and have decided to tell you how I've come to find the profession of my dreams and hopefully give you some insight on figuring out which path is right for you.

Let's start at the beginning. As a child I had many dreams. The first that I can remember is wanting to be a doctor. I wanted a job where I could help others and the uniform looked pretty awesome (to my naive and fashion-deprived eyes). I even had one of those pretend doctor bags and would walk around the house giving "check ups". Flashback to now, the sight of blood or needles makes me cringe but the compassionate side of me is still the same.

Me circa mid-90s. I still wear my helmet inproperly.
Next, I moved on to being a mail-man (yes, I called it that). I would get paper and a marker and force my dad to tell me how to spell things. I would write everyone a long letter with the four words I knew how to spell and put them in my "mail-bag", go around the house and deliver the mail. I was really busy. 

As I matured to the age of 7/8, I decided I wanted to become an actress. I even convinced my mom to put me in acting classes (they were actually really fun). I was always a different character around the house and would put on dances and plays with my cousins in my basement. My mom also built us a stage complete with red curtains and dressing area in the back. You're awesome, mom. 

Back to the story. If you examine these three childhood dreams closely, you can pull out skills and desires. Doctor: helping people, making a difference, health care. Mail-man: writing, publishing, sharing my writing, androgynous dressing (if you'd call that a skill). Actress: expressing myself creatively, speaking in front of others, building self-confidence. 

Rockin that lipstick. Nothing's changed. 

It's well-known among my friends and family that I love what I do. They sometimes laugh at how overly enthusiastic I am about my job and how much I loved school. I still rant about how much I loved Algonquin College. 

I work at The Royal on the Communications team. I do a lot of writing, speaking, and connecting with the public both in person and via social media. These tasks are essentially my three childhood dreams combined. Once I realized this, it all made sense why I love what I do. 

Live-tweeting one of our events at work. 
If you're feeling lost career-wise, try this:

Pretend your five. Ask yourself: What do you want to be when you grow up? 

Don't give up on your dreams because if you have to do something for eight hours a day, you better enjoy it. I believe your work should be a place of inspiration, growth, and learning. You deserve to feel excited to go to work everyday! Trust me, it's an unbelievably amazing feeling. 

This post was in part inspired by a video Jonathan sent me. 

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. And don't stop dreaming!

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  1. What a very well said post! I recently read a book called "Make Your Own Lunch" which was all about finding your passion in life whether it be a job or something else. I really enjoyed it and it reminded me of what you said here with taking areas from your "dream jobs" and putting them together to come up with your true purpose in life, or at least the purpose you're called to right now. It's so cool that you get to do something you love!