Somebody Told Me

I wore this for a day of shopping and to see Stars and The Killers concert in Montreal with Lisa and Rosie. I had so much fun! I hadn't been to Montreal in a few months so it's always nice to go back. We arrived hours before the concert so we could fit in a decent amount of shopping as well as dinner. I knew the shopping portion of the day would require a lot of walking, waiting in lines, and sometimes running to snatch my size so I swapped the sequin top for a tank top and the flatforms for Nikes and changed before heading to the concert. I do this quite often when I have to get down to business during the day yet want to dress up a little more for the night. I'll often bring a pair of heels or flatforms in the car so I can quickly swap. 

I was really looking forward to shopping the Zara there since it's huge, carries XL, and always has sales. I found a couple of nice things but nothing I was in love with. I left empty-handed but we also went to H&M where I found a really cool white mesh t-shirt and some tropical print shorts - both on sale!

The concert was pretty awesome. I've never considered myself a huge fan of The Killers but I grew up listening to their songs and I knew they'd be great live. Stars was the opening band which was absolutely perfect. Brandon Flowers, the lead singer of The Killers, sounded amaaaaazing live. He truly has a unique and talented voice. 

Seen any good concerts lately?

Shirt: gifted from Lisa. Jeans: Joe Fresh, Value Village, $8. Flatforms: Zara, $40. Purse: Value Village, $4. Lips: Smitten by Joe Fresh. 

Photos by Lisa Kidd. 
The Killers. Source: MTV

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  1. You look divine in sequins! And I love your quick change tip. I can't recall ever really doing that except maybe taking off/putting on a sweater or something to make myself look appropriate for the next event.

    I think The Killers are rad! I actually didn't know they were still a touring band. Good to know!