I wore this last week on a rainy night out for some gelato with friends. I was peer-pressured into buying this slip months ago with hopes of finding some way of wearing it. Weeks went by and I was still clueless. When I finally put it on and got to thinking, I decided to add some excitement to this plain piece with a leather jacket, black wide belt, combat boots, a bright oil slick purse, and a clean face. Because this dress is literally a slip, I felt that by adding some heavy darker pieces, it would look more like an outfit. I was pretty happy with the results! It just goes to show that you're never limited with your style when you think outside the box. I also don't limit myself to certain aisles while shopping. I've often shopped mens, kids, teens, night time, and sportswear. It's all about what you do with what you find! 

How's your summer so far? I've been catching rays, going to concerts, and eating A LOT of ice cream. 

Dress: Value Village, $6. Jacket: Danier, Value Village, $18. Purse: H&M, $3. Boots: Dr. Martens, gifted. Belt: Value Village, $3.

Photos by Aurelia.

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