I wore this to work last week but traded the shoes for black pumps. I've had these heels for so long but haven't had an occasion to wear them. They're too high for work and I just haven't had an opportunity to wear them. I figured they went really well with my orange ensemble. I fell in love with them because they remind me so much of Prada S/S '13

I've been trying to get into wearing more headscarfs. I wore one almost everyday one summer. I love how they look though so I think I'm going to try to remember to throw one on everyone once in a while. 

Summer sure is flying by. In just one week I get to meet my cousins babies and in three weeks I'm off to England for two weeks, and just shortly after that it's my birthday! HOLY MOLY. I may burst into confetti with excitement. 

How will you spend the last few weeks of summer?

Headscarf: Value Village, $3. Dress: H&M, $30. Shoes: Urban Outfitters, $34. Purse: Winners, $26. 

Photos by Lisa Kidd.

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  1. Ugh, I am just obsessed with this look on you! Those shoes really are one-of-a-kind but I can understand not getting the opportunity to wear them out much. I seem to hoard pretty dresses in my closet for "one day"!