A Little Bit Closer

Bluesfest is a summer tradition in Ottawa. It's the city's biggest music festival that attracts thousands each year. It's really not what you're thinking though. It's not really a blues- themed music festival because it includes all genres of music from pop to folk, indie to rock and even country. I generally go once or twice during the two week festival each year. It kind of symbolizes the beginning of summer to me. This year my chosen must-see act was Tegan and Sara. I recently became obsessed with their music and once I heard they were coming, I knew I had to go. Their performance was energetic, authentic, and they sounded amazing. I have to say they're so cute. They were really nice and appreciative of their fans. I truly feel like they're so easy-going and fun to be around (like, if we we're friends in RL, you know.)

This is what I wore because the forecast called for rain (which didn't occur!). I wore my new kicks which I recently thrifted along with my F21 jeans which you see me wear all the time, as well as a bright orange tank and a silver necklace. Excuse my 80s windblown hair-do. This look is pretty casual but I wanted to be comfy as well as cover up in case it did rain. 
Pullover: Got it for FREE since it was a BOGO deal, Goodwill. Tank: Joe Fresh, $6. Jeans: Forever 21+, $18. Shoes: BDG, Goodwill, $15. Necklace: gifted. Purse: Value Village, $4. 
Photos by Lisa Kidd.
Necessary ice cream, Tegan and Sara, Jonathan and Me. 


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