Colour Me Wild

Let's talk about this dress. I found it on a recent thrifting trip. It really brought me back to my roots of thrifting. These are the types of dresses I used to find a lot more often three years ago. I was so excited to find it. The 80's print is awesome, I love the length and high neck. Most of all, it's light yet still wild and unique. I wore it to work last week and got so many compliments! This is a perfect example of how different a piece can look on and off the rack. On the rack, it probably got overlooked many times. Off the rack, with the right accessories and attitude, it's amazing. Moral of the story, try it on! 

How is your summer starting out? Mine is just fabulous. Filled with sunshine, popsicles, mario kart, poolside, beach, ice cream, friends, and laughter. This time of year is my version of Christmas. Some people enjoy the snow, jingles, and lights. All I want is sunshine. 

Dress: Value Village, $8. Belt: Value Village, $4. Shoes: Zara, $40. 

Photos by Lisa Kidd.

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