I Don't Think You're Ready For This Jelly

I wore this last weekend for a little thrifting. It was half off day for super savers club members (it's basically a free card you can order) and it was the day before their general half off day for everyone so my fellow thrifters and I had to get in there before it was all picked over. I didn't find as many things as usual but I'm pretty satisfied with the things I found. I think I'll do a new haul video since I haven't done one in forever so I can show you what I got! I adore my new jelly sandals. As a 90s kid, I can definitely recall having a pink sparkly pair so you bet I'm over the moon over the fact that their back in style! I've been on the hunt for some comfy flat sandals and these definitely do the trick. They take some getting used to because they're so SQUISHY and jelly but they are very comfy. 

The weather lately (well besides today) has been an absolute dream. You know how much I love the sun and I've been truly trying to soak up every ounce. How's your summer so far?

Bodysuit: Forever 21+, $12. Shorts: Forever 21+, $27. Jellies: JuJu, Little Burgundy, $36. Purse: Value Village, $4. 

Photos taken by Lisa Kidd.

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Who Needs Coffee When You Have Lipstick

Do you ever wake up and seriously consider just turning off the alarm and going back to bed? That's how I felt on this particular morning. I just felt so tired from the week and waking up to a grey smog didn't really help. I live on the 22nd floor and the balcony goes off my bedroom so I always have an idea of the weather from the second I open my eyes. All I saw this morning was grey. Of course I dragged myself out of bed, threw together this outfit and put on some lipstick. Just like that, I was magically awake and somewhat energized. It's magical how clothes and makeup can wake me up sometimes. 

The day did turn around completely and it was actually hot and sunny by 4 pm. How funny the weather is here. I just recently thrifted this over sized denim shirt, basket bag, and 90s minimal sandals. I just love them. They can get uncomfortable after a full day but they're just fine for a few hours. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect sandal and really love these but ordering online always turns out in disaster for me. I'm hoping to find them either at the Zara or H&M here or when I go to England this summer in the shops there. 

Top: Sheer (underneath denim), Value Village, $6. Top: Denim, Value Village. Leggings: American Apparel, $20. Sandals: Value Village, $6. Necklace: H&M, $10. Ring: Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show, $15. Bag: Value Village, $4. Glasses: ClearlyContacts.com 

Photos by Lisa Kidd. 

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Sum Summa

Dressing for work can sometimes be difficult in the summer. Especially when your workplace is air-conditioned (which I'm not complaining about!), or also not air-conditioned. Both extremes can make getting dressed in the morning a bit of a puzzle. I've found the best thing to do is to wear my favourite summer pieces but throw layers on top and also ensure I'm not showing too much skin. This is an outfit I wore to work last week. It's super comfy, slightly casual, and playful. The sweater was warm enough to not need an extra layer on top yet it wasn't too hot to wear once I got outside. After work, I switched my heels for flats and this outfit doubled to go shopping with friends after work. 

How will you dress for work this summer? 

Top: H&M, Rikochet Resale, $10. Skirt: Ardene, $5. Leggings: American Apparel, $20 (sale). Shoes: Target, $23. Bag: Winners, $80. Necklace: Material Girl, The Bay, $10. Glasses: Kenzo. 

Photos by Rosie Waugh. 

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Colour Me Wild

Let's talk about this dress. I found it on a recent thrifting trip. It really brought me back to my roots of thrifting. These are the types of dresses I used to find a lot more often three years ago. I was so excited to find it. The 80's print is awesome, I love the length and high neck. Most of all, it's light yet still wild and unique. I wore it to work last week and got so many compliments! This is a perfect example of how different a piece can look on and off the rack. On the rack, it probably got overlooked many times. Off the rack, with the right accessories and attitude, it's amazing. Moral of the story, try it on! 

How is your summer starting out? Mine is just fabulous. Filled with sunshine, popsicles, mario kart, poolside, beach, ice cream, friends, and laughter. This time of year is my version of Christmas. Some people enjoy the snow, jingles, and lights. All I want is sunshine. 

Dress: Value Village, $8. Belt: Value Village, $4. Shoes: Zara, $40. 

Photos by Lisa Kidd.

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I think I'm turning Japanese

I can't explain the joy I feel leaving the house wearing a sleeveless top and sandals. I wore this last weekend for dinner with my friend Aurelia. We wanted to try something new so we went to the Japanese Village steak house where they cook the food right in front of you. It was such an experience! We lucked out with a comedian for a waiter and were laughing throughout the entire meal. Afterwards we went out for some much needed gelato. How have you been celebrating the birth of summer? 

Shirt: Value Village, $6. Pants: Forever 21, $20. Shoes: Value Village, $15. Purse: Value Village, $6. Necklace: Grandma's. 

Photos by Aurelia Cerquozzi.

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