I wore this to brunch last Sunday (Mother's Day). It was such a beautiful day, I had to bust out this bright yellow dress and kimono. The dress is something I picked up while shopping in the states last weekend and the kimono is a steal from H&M. The shoes I thrifted last winter. I love the chunky heel and they're super comfortable, I couldn't pass them up. This was my first time wearing my treasure chest purse out and it was so much fun to bring around. It's unique and I feel like it makes my outfit extra special. 

I've been basking in this amazing weather and getting outside any chance I get. How have you been celebrating this sunshine? 

Dress: Axia, JCP, $20. Kimono: H&M, $10. Shoes: Nine West, Value Village, $15. Purse: Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show, $45. Bracelets: Target, $16. Ring: Suzy Shier, $4. 

Photos taken by Lisa Kidd.

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