Brighten up

Isn't this weather fabulous?! I'm beyond thrilled that winter if officially officially behind us and the sun has come out to stay. While there have been bouts of rain, the sunny days make it all worth it. I wore this outfit out for a walk with my sister. We went to our usual spot in a nearby park and just basked in the sunlight. Nature really does brighten my mood and the sun just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I like my clothes to reflect the weather so I went with my brightest t-shirt and favourite orange jacket. This past weekend I went shopping in New York state with Rosie and her mom. We literally shopped until we dropped! I found so many great pieces for spring and couldn't believe how awesomely inexpensive everything was. We plan to make a haul video so stay tuned for that! 

How are you enjoying this weather? 

Jacket: Value Village, $4. T-shirt: Value Village, $6. Jeans: Forever 21, $20. Shoes: Swapped w/ Rosie. Necklace: Vintage Show, $25. Bag: Value Village, $4. Ring: Suzy Shier, $4. Lipstick: Spellbound by Covergirl Lip Perfection. 

Photos taken by Lisa Kidd.

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  1. Hello there,Ciao...nice photos and lovely outfit...enjoy the sunshine
    greetings from Italy