Tinsel Town

I wore this tinsel top to grab a coffee with Aurelia and my sister. I call it a tinsel top because I was basically shedding tinsel, haha. My pants are my new favourites. I've been in a bad phase with pants ever since I've gained weight. I find they just don't feel as good and it's increasingly hard to find nice ones that fit. I scooped these up at Old Navy in the states for just $10. I love the tuxedo stripe trend and was so thrilled to find these. The sandals I actually bought in the winter with hopes I'd be wearing them this spring. They're quite comfy and I love the 90s buckle. 

That's enough about my outfit, feast your eyes on what Aurelia showed up in (scroll down). She can wear white like no other and those shoes are literally out of this world! Check out her blog here. 

Top: Salvation Army, $2. Pants: Old Navy, $10. Sandals: Aerosoles, Value Village, $15. Bag: H&M, $7. 

Photos by Lisa Kidd + me. 

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Sporty at the Sunday Market

One of my new favourite things to do on Sundays is visit the Farmer's Market. You wouldn't typically picture me in a farmer's market and I wouldn't consider myself a foodie but I love the market because there's so much more to offer at the market than just your good old fruits and vegetables. I tend to visit the market closest to me at Brewer Park although there are a couple other ones in Ottawa. I dragged my sister out of bed to come with me last weekend. It's starting to feel a lot like summer here so I wanted to wear something light and comfortable. The dress is a recent thrift find from my trip to the states. It was brand new with tags and I got it for $6.99. I don't usually wear "revealing" dresses but this one is different for some reason. I love the sporty feel and the mesh cutouts. I paired it with my new balance running shoes and 90s style rain coat. My old orange bag went nicely with my sporty look and also fit all my delicious goodies. 

Like I said, it's not all food! I was pleasantly surprised to see this awesome jewellery booth. They're called Strut jewelry and are selling at various shows in Ottawa and online. Check them out here!

Baked potato goodness.

Jacket: Value Village, $7.99 Dress: Rock and Republic, Salvation Army, $6.99. Bag: Winners, $80. Shoes: New Balance, Sports Store in Watertown (forget the name), $50. Sunglasses: Target, $18. 

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I wore this to brunch last Sunday (Mother's Day). It was such a beautiful day, I had to bust out this bright yellow dress and kimono. The dress is something I picked up while shopping in the states last weekend and the kimono is a steal from H&M. The shoes I thrifted last winter. I love the chunky heel and they're super comfortable, I couldn't pass them up. This was my first time wearing my treasure chest purse out and it was so much fun to bring around. It's unique and I feel like it makes my outfit extra special. 

I've been basking in this amazing weather and getting outside any chance I get. How have you been celebrating this sunshine? 

Dress: Axia, JCP, $20. Kimono: H&M, $10. Shoes: Nine West, Value Village, $15. Purse: Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show, $45. Bracelets: Target, $16. Ring: Suzy Shier, $4. 

Photos taken by Lisa Kidd.

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Brighten up

Isn't this weather fabulous?! I'm beyond thrilled that winter if officially officially behind us and the sun has come out to stay. While there have been bouts of rain, the sunny days make it all worth it. I wore this outfit out for a walk with my sister. We went to our usual spot in a nearby park and just basked in the sunlight. Nature really does brighten my mood and the sun just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I like my clothes to reflect the weather so I went with my brightest t-shirt and favourite orange jacket. This past weekend I went shopping in New York state with Rosie and her mom. We literally shopped until we dropped! I found so many great pieces for spring and couldn't believe how awesomely inexpensive everything was. We plan to make a haul video so stay tuned for that! 

How are you enjoying this weather? 

Jacket: Value Village, $4. T-shirt: Value Village, $6. Jeans: Forever 21, $20. Shoes: Swapped w/ Rosie. Necklace: Vintage Show, $25. Bag: Value Village, $4. Ring: Suzy Shier, $4. Lipstick: Spellbound by Covergirl Lip Perfection. 

Photos taken by Lisa Kidd.

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Spring Cleaning: Mind and Body

Ahhhh Spring Cleaning, the most wonderful time of the year. Winter's gone and things are looking mushy outside (and inside). The transition period isn't always easy but it feels so good once you get things going. I've probably done the most cleaning ever this Spring. I took part in my first cleanse. I did an Ayurvedic Cleanse to firstly and most obviously clear out toxins, take out the trash, restore blood sugar levels, increase energy, boost metabolism and overall recharge. I was feeling tired and lethargic like many people do at this time of year. While it was really difficult at times, I really needed this. I feel a lot more energized, lighter, and triumphant (I can say that right?).  

Another form of spring cleaning I'm taking part in this spring is cleaning out negative self talk. I know I'm not alone in sometimes being my worst enemy. I can be really hard on myself and this translates into some really awful self talk. You know that voice in your head that tells you you're ugly or going nowhere or going to fail? That's the voice you need to challenge. 

Start small. Surround yourself with positive affirmations, quotes, and sayings. Put them wherever you know you'll see them. Your fridge, your phone, or your Facebook page, you know where to put them. And even if you don't believe you're beautiful or funny or strong, just read your affirmations and repeat them everyday. You'll notice a difference. Eventually the affirmations will shape your reality. You can re-wire your thoughts and change that voice in your head. You'll not only notice a more happier inside but you'll actually look and feel more beautiful on the outside. 

I'll help you get started. Follow this link and save your favourite affirmation to your computer. Set it as your Facebook or Twitter cover photo. Not only will you see it a lot but your friends will too. Spread positivity, happiness, and love. It's contagious. 

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