Sun on my face.

Things are truly looking up weather-wise. Yesterday it was 3 degrees and I actually felt the sun on my face. I went downtown with my sister and while she went to the art gallery for an assignment, I shopped. I mainly stayed in The Bay but also ventured into Zara. I didn't have any luck finding shoes or clothes but I did pick up a gold daisy necklace and a new ring. When all else fails, you can never have too many accessories right? Then we met up and went on a search for her new pair of Vans (she buys a new black pair every year). 

My outfit was inspired by the fact that it was actually sunny out and I could wear a lighter jacket (although I was sweating profusely in the mall). I got this coat in a thrift store for $3. It's kinda matted and flimsy but I think that's why I love it. That and it's leopard and furry. I'm so excited for Spring dressing. I'll feel less like I'm wearing a uniform and more like I can express myself freely. I like wearing a different jacket and shoes everyday. 

Coat: Bibles for Missions, $3. Dress: Gap, Rikochet Resale, $20. Tights: Mark's thermal, $20. Boots: Forever 21, $22. Gloves: Bentley, $6. Ring: Vintage Clothing Show, $10. Purse: Value Village, $4. 

Material Girl, The Bay, $10. 

Expression, The Bay. $5.99. 

Photos by Lisa Kidd & myself.

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