10 ways to pretend it's summer.

MORE snow?
I want summmmmmmmerrrrrr.
I want to ride my bike. 
MORE layers? 
I'm hot. I'm cold. I'm cold and wet.
I have frost bite. 
Everything is so heavy.
Glasses fogged = blind.

These seem to be my recurring thoughts (and sometimes phrases) these days. While I do love the month of March, I really only love it because it means Spring is near. These last couple weeks of Winter are when I start to really become ~over it~. I get the sense that I'm not alone in this. I hear it from friends and coworkers, read it on social media and websites. We're all over it. Until the sun comes out for good, here are 10 ways you can pretend it's summer:

1.. Surround yourself with warmth. Wear warm clothes, drink tea/coffee, eat soup/chili/spicy foods. Invest in some greenery for the home/office. I surround myself with plants. Cactuses give that extra summery vibe (and they're cheap- I got my office cactus at Ikea). 

2. Look at pictures of summer. Fake plan a trip somewhere. I fake planned a trip to Hawaii last night and I have to say I felt better. Fake it till you make it, right? 

3. Listen to summer music. Songza's Tropical Beach Vacation is my playlist on repeat. 

4. Put on your bathing suit, grab the bubble bath and summer-scented candles, and pretend your tub is an ocean escape.

5. Plan a summer road trip, scope out what concerts you'd like to see this summer, or even start saving for a vacation. Get excited about your plans!

6. Wear sunglasses. Don't ask questions, just do it.

7. Wear some COLOUR! I see way too much black clothing during this season. Wearing colour will wake you - and others - up!

8. Move your body. We spend enough time freezing during winter. Exercising not only releases feel-good chemicals but also boosts self-confidence and best of all, it makes us feel warm, even hot! I work out in the gym at my work, yoga on Sundays, and a bit of home-Zumba in between. Wherever, however you can, get moving!

9. Focus on the positives. Put on your happy goggles and try to focus your vision on all the aforementioned. Spend time with friends and family, try a new recipe, write in a journal, cuddle your dog/cat, catch up on the latest runway shows, whatever makes you happy and focused, do it.

10. Do the research. According to statistics, in just twoish weeks, we should be in the clear (or so I hope):

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