Forever Four: A New (and exciting!) Chapter

 Last September, I was given the amazing news that both of my cousins became pregnant! It was so unbelievable that both sisters were expecting and I was going to be an honorary Aunt (but technically cousin) to two beautiful baby boys. We literally have no babies or even kids in our immediate family (even though we're all technically "Kidd"s) so we're all super excited to meet them! We all stayed with my cousin Ashley in Sarnia at her new apartment. The eight hour drive was all worth being together and spending time with them. When us four girls get together, it's wonderful chaos. We can chat for hours and we have the best times together. Seeing the baby's room and talking about babies all week has definitely got me so excited to meet my nephews. 

It's always tricky figuring out what to wear to family events. Whenever I'm picking out what to wear to a birthday, wedding, or baby shower in this case, I always throw rules out the window and stay true to my style. I wore my new Indian-style tunic. I felt like the light colour was perfect for a baby shower and paired it with a matching clutch. My gold shoes were a must given the hints of gold in the dress and my scarf was more a fluke since I was so cold that day. 

Dress: Value Village, $10. Scarf: Value Village: $4. Clutch: Jean-Paul Gaultier perfume, gifted. Leggings: American Apparel, $40. Shoes: Winners, $15

Lisa, Ashley, myself, Brandy. All pics taken by Lisa & Mandy. 

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