Welcome home

As you may know, my sister and I moved out on our own for the first time last August. It was a scary/exciting/empowering experience that I don't regret. Moving out has taught me so many things. It's helped us to be more independent, helped me to be smarter with money, taught us both how to cook a lot more, and has given us the freedom to be in complete control of our lives. I admit I miss my parents a lot more than I ever have and I did feel safer living with them but that's the risk of moving and I wouldn't take it back for all of the things I've gained. 

We really lucked out with furnishing our apartment on the cheap side. Our couch, coffee table, and chair were generously given to us by Rosie's parents. We inherited my grandma's dining room table and chairs, many of her tea cups and paintings too. We have little reminders of her all over our apartment, giving our home that extra sweet charm and warmth. 

I also thrifted many of our decorations, removing even more large costs. All in all, we managed to furnish our entire apartment for a reasonable price. In terms of roomies, we've been roomies all our life so we get along great. I love her so much and I'm lucky to share an apartment with such a fun, loving, and sweet sister. 

It's all about the view. 

Dining & living room. (at Xmas time)

My favourite chair. 

$5. value village.

Found this gorgeous couple at VV.

Kitchen: Left: from Grandma's. right: Lisa's creation. 

My room, still have much more to hang. 

I put daisies everywhere. 

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  1. I love the aesthetic of your place. You've got a great eye for decorating! That pillow of the woman drinking out of a pineapple is so awesome!