Today calls for red lips.

If you simply judged me by the photos below, you'd guess I'm a total holiday-fanatic. Truth is, all my friends know I'm a bit of a grinch. Let's face it. As much as we try and try to make the holidays all about giving and family and love, there's a lot of bullshit that slips in between. I'm talking about the malls, the music, the fluff. I hate that stuff. And it's not because I have no soul or don't love giving but all of the fluff tends to cloud our vision. While there's no way to completely avoid all of these things, I feel like as long as you do spend time with the people you love and have fun, it's all worth it in a strange way. 

After losing my grandma this year, and going through what seemed like an unusually huge dose of life struggles (2013, why?!), I learned that family, friends, and fun are all that matter. And maybe food, music, and fluff are a part of that but they shouldn't overcrowd the things that matter.

I do come out of my grinch ways about a week leading up to Christmas. I embrace the tree, the music, and everything in between. I wish you all the merriest holidays, and hope my fellow grinches can embrace the love of family, good food, and tacky music. 

jacket: thrift store, the royal, $5, skirt: gap, $20, tank: old navy, $5, pearls: grandma's, gold necklace: value village: $2, shoes: spring, $40

All pictures taken by Lisa Kidd. 

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