Vintage Clothing Show: What I Wore

Last weekend, one of my most favourite events of the year came to town- the OTTAWA VINTAGE CLOTHING SHOW!

I went with Rosie, Michael and Jessie but pretty much instantly lost them as I tend to do. As I said in my last post, I enter a vintage la-la-land and completely zone out the second I walk in. This year it was held in the same location, at the Convention Centre downtown, but what was different this year was it doubled in size. Ok, maybe that's a slight exaggeration but it seemed much bigger and word must've spread about the show because I had to do squeeze through some of the booths muttered a lot more "whoops, excuse me, sorry, coming at ya from behind, MOOOOOVE!" I obviously didn't say the last two but I definitely thought it. And while it was busier, that also meant MORE STUFF. The dream. I was in absolutely heaven and could cry at the fact the show is only one day, twice a year. I wish it was permanently there! Although I'd go broke pretty quickly.

Besides the shopping, one thing I absolutely adore and look forward to is the people. Everyone is vintage obsessed just like me! And everyone dresses up for the show in their greatest vintage attire. It's not often that I see people on the streets dressed up in vintage clothes, or even very dressed up in general so to be in a room of snazzy, outrageous and retro-dressed people was a great feeling. I also love speaking to the booth owners. They truly love vintage and know their stuff.

I tried on many things, thought over some, and impulsively bought others, hehe. I'm filming a thrift haul video which will include how I would style each piece I bought at the shoe so please stay tuned for that. Head over to my youtube channel to watch previous hall videos!

Jacket: 69 Vintage, $5 Dress: Value Village, $10, Purse: Value Village, $6 Boots: The Bay, $20 Rings: Value Village, $18, Aldo, $6 Belt: Grandma's <3 Glasses: Kenzo, Clearly Contacts, $130

Me and BFF Rosie. SHE WORE COLOUR. *applauds* She looked amazing. Her blog: www.secondhand-rose.com

I tried on quuuuuuite a bit of clothes. 

All photos taken by Rosie Waugh, Michael Tundo, and myself. 

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