The Struggle

Winter is here. My migraines are tough. My car needs a repair. The bills need paying. My hairs acting weird. I got a pimple on my shoulder. My shoulder. And it's got me thinking. We're all struggling. Things don't always go right, people don't always impress, and pimples sometimes just appear in weird places. But we're all in this together. And there's another way of viewing your struggles. 

I miss summer and my bike, Edith. 

Winter is here, but the white trees look pretty in the morning (before it gets cold). My chronic migraines are tough but it's my body signalling me to slow down, and actually learn to relax for once. My hairs acting weird but it's nothing a turban can't fix. I did get a pimple on my shoulder but it will pass, and I'll happily hold the door open.

Knowing that we're all struggling together, and that every person has their own set of unique struggles they need to work through, is comforting. We all have ups and downs and we're all trying to figure out what works best for us, what gets us through the rough times and how to stay positive.  

I'm not trying to say that the struggles of others makes me happier, rather the fact that we all have our own problems, makes me feel less alone within mine. I encourage you to never give up or lose hope in whatever you're facing because it does get better, and each one is a lesson. 

While I know things like go take a walk, drink some tea, and think positive thoughts sound silly but trust me they do work in helping reduce stress and to feel better about situations (that could very well be much worse). 

Here's a few things that are helping me get through my current struggles:

Talking with my close circle of friends, fam, and coworkers. 

This youtube channel

Life of Pi.

Icepacks and Advil (for the migraines).

Red lipstick (for my self confidence). 


Exercising (great at alleviating migraines). 

Positive self-talk: you can do this, you're gonna have a good day, things will get better

Deep breathing. Inhale. Exhale. 




  1. You raise a great issue - that to have struggles is 100% normal. We are all 100% normal. Who knew!

  2. I love reflection posts like this! I think a big reason to treat others nicely is that you never know what crap they're going through. You may just make someones day by simply being nice - even if your own day isn't going so well. Thanks for sharing your suggestions! I definitely agree with many on the list. Especially the red lipstick. :)

  3. Love you girl, and I'm with you 110% (especially on the pimple thing... ahem elbow ahem)