Pumpkin this, pumpkin that

My halloween night consisted of many a pumpkin. My sister Lisa showed me a recipe from her favourite food blogger, Bon Appetempt, and we were instantly smitten, and drooling. It's a pumpkin stuffed with bread, cheese, and cream and baked in the oven. What's not to love? We decided to make it for Halloween night in at Rosie's place. We made two stuffed pumpkins and also roasted the seeds in butter, brown sugar and cinnamon (mmm!). 

All that pumpkin turned me into one! I decided to somewhat slightly dress up since I discovered how much orange and green I have. I also wore my new, and amazingly theatrical Kenzo frames that I am currently in love with. We had a great night in stuffing our faces, answering the door to kids, and watching TV. How was your halloween? What did you wear? 

Frames: Kenzo, $130. Blazer: Salvation Army, $6. Dress: H&M, $30. Tights: Joe Fresh, $6. 

Outfit pictures taken by Rosie. 

See that oozing cheese? Yeah. 

A pumpkin in it's most delicious form. And to think most people carve their pumpkins, put them outside to freeze, and then throw them OUT. 

Pumpkin, cheezy, bready, creamy goodness. 

Sweetly scrumptious seeds. 

Flashback to childhood. Pixie sticks! 

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