Ottawa Antique Show + Farmer's Market Snaps

If you're blessed enough to have a farmer's market in your city, I urge you to visit! I recently discovered  the farmer's market in Ottawa and I was instantly in love. It's not just fresh, local produce, but also interesting baked goods like macaroons, beer-infused bagels (yep), homemade chill, fudge, a soup stand, and a curry stand. It's a great place to go with friends on a Sunday (it's open until 3). Me and Rosie went last Sunday for lunch before the Ottawa Antique Show. Rosie had a coconut lentil soup and I had a vegetable and chick pea curry with pakoras and chai tea. After lunch, we headed to the Antique Show. It was so much fun, except that I literally wanted everything! I had never really seen that much vintage furniture before and this was rows and rows of real vintage, awesome furniture, bobs, clothes, jewelry, shoes, and artwork. I found a daisy brooch that I absolutely adore. Daisy is one of my nicknames and I'm always drawn to them, especially in fashion. After the show, we went to Ikea and then out to dinner for some sushi. It was an amazing way to end the weekend, I'd say. 

Hat: H&M, $7. Coat: Danier, Value Village, $5. Shirt: Great Glebe Garage Sale, $25, Skirt: Winners, $25. Purse: Ragtime, $20. Boots: Derango, Value Village $10. Rings: Glebe Garage Sale $3, Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show, $10. 

I love my new daisy brooch! It's so adorable. Picked it up for $10. 

"YOU ARE FABULOUS!" were the words blurted out of my mouth the second I saw this woman. She is so beautiful. I love her glasses, make up and style. And, she's thrifty just like me! When I asked her what she bought she said "I got earrings for one dollar and a necklace for four dollars." So happy she let me take her photo. 

I came thisclose to purchasing these shoes. Me. Me, who basically only shops in thrift stores or in the sales section. These are to die for. Firstly, they're black and white checkered - so MOD, classy, fun. Secondly, the HEEL, THE HEEL, THE HEEL! So cool. And thirdly they're Dolce & Gabbana. I bet you're wondering what stopped my besides price obviously. Well, they're an 8.5 and I'm an 8. On top of that, they hurt my toes after walking around in them. They will forever be in my dreams <3.

All photos taken by Rosie. 

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