The Struggle

Winter is here. My migraines are tough. My car needs a repair. The bills need paying. My hairs acting weird. I got a pimple on my shoulder. My shoulder. And it's got me thinking. We're all struggling. Things don't always go right, people don't always impress, and pimples sometimes just appear in weird places. But we're all in this together. And there's another way of viewing your struggles. 

I miss summer and my bike, Edith. 

Winter is here, but the white trees look pretty in the morning (before it gets cold). My chronic migraines are tough but it's my body signalling me to slow down, and actually learn to relax for once. My hairs acting weird but it's nothing a turban can't fix. I did get a pimple on my shoulder but it will pass, and I'll happily hold the door open.

Knowing that we're all struggling together, and that every person has their own set of unique struggles they need to work through, is comforting. We all have ups and downs and we're all trying to figure out what works best for us, what gets us through the rough times and how to stay positive.  

I'm not trying to say that the struggles of others makes me happier, rather the fact that we all have our own problems, makes me feel less alone within mine. I encourage you to never give up or lose hope in whatever you're facing because it does get better, and each one is a lesson. 

While I know things like go take a walk, drink some tea, and think positive thoughts sound silly but trust me they do work in helping reduce stress and to feel better about situations (that could very well be much worse). 

Here's a few things that are helping me get through my current struggles:

Talking with my close circle of friends, fam, and coworkers. 

This youtube channel

Life of Pi.

Icepacks and Advil (for the migraines).

Red lipstick (for my self confidence). 


Exercising (great at alleviating migraines). 

Positive self-talk: you can do this, you're gonna have a good day, things will get better

Deep breathing. Inhale. Exhale. 



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What I Bought at the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show

Watch below to see what I bought at the vintage clothing show and how they look on! 

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Vintage Clothing Show: What I Wore

Last weekend, one of my most favourite events of the year came to town- the OTTAWA VINTAGE CLOTHING SHOW!

I went with Rosie, Michael and Jessie but pretty much instantly lost them as I tend to do. As I said in my last post, I enter a vintage la-la-land and completely zone out the second I walk in. This year it was held in the same location, at the Convention Centre downtown, but what was different this year was it doubled in size. Ok, maybe that's a slight exaggeration but it seemed much bigger and word must've spread about the show because I had to do squeeze through some of the booths muttered a lot more "whoops, excuse me, sorry, coming at ya from behind, MOOOOOVE!" I obviously didn't say the last two but I definitely thought it. And while it was busier, that also meant MORE STUFF. The dream. I was in absolutely heaven and could cry at the fact the show is only one day, twice a year. I wish it was permanently there! Although I'd go broke pretty quickly.

Besides the shopping, one thing I absolutely adore and look forward to is the people. Everyone is vintage obsessed just like me! And everyone dresses up for the show in their greatest vintage attire. It's not often that I see people on the streets dressed up in vintage clothes, or even very dressed up in general so to be in a room of snazzy, outrageous and retro-dressed people was a great feeling. I also love speaking to the booth owners. They truly love vintage and know their stuff.

I tried on many things, thought over some, and impulsively bought others, hehe. I'm filming a thrift haul video which will include how I would style each piece I bought at the shoe so please stay tuned for that. Head over to my youtube channel to watch previous hall videos!

Jacket: 69 Vintage, $5 Dress: Value Village, $10, Purse: Value Village, $6 Boots: The Bay, $20 Rings: Value Village, $18, Aldo, $6 Belt: Grandma's <3 Glasses: Kenzo, Clearly Contacts, $130

Me and BFF Rosie. SHE WORE COLOUR. *applauds* She looked amazing. Her blog: www.secondhand-rose.com

I tried on quuuuuuite a bit of clothes. 

All photos taken by Rosie Waugh, Michael Tundo, and myself. 
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The most wonderful time of the year.

It's the most wonderful time of the year, folks. The Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show is this Sunday! It's by far one of my favourite events and places to shop. Being a vintage lover and thrift queen, this show is absolute heaven for me. I mentally check out at the door and waft into my own vintage la-la-land for the day. While I love the show, there are some key things to remember when  shopping. It's a mecca of vintage. The big dipper. The big apple. The creme de la creme. There's a lot to look at, a lot of people in your way, and beautiful vintage things waiting for a home. That's where you come in. I've made a list of survival tips for shopping at the vintage show (or any other huge store/show/warehouse). Hope to see you at the show!

1. Give yourself time. At LEAST 2-3 hours. If I can stress anything, it's to give yourself proper amount of time to avoid stress, panic, wrong choices, not seeing details, not fitting, not considering the price and you'll need time to take out cash, wait in line, and see EVERYTHING! ps. show runs 10-5 pm and is $10 admission. 

2. Look closely. Vintage is allll about the details so you won't want to miss them! Bring your best spectacles and look closely. Another, and less glamorous reason to look closely is for stains/holes/damage. Vintage clothes tend to be very old and some will inevitably have a bit of damage, which is a part of their charm, however there's a fine line between charm and trash. Some damage is fixable with washing or sewing so this is your chance to get a discount. Downside is you'll have to fix it but if you love the piece enough, it won't matter. 

3) Try it on. TRY IT ON! I am shouting this. There's nothing sillier than buying something and learning later that it doesn't fit or you don't like how it fits. Especially at the Vintage Show where you can't return it (in town for one day). Also, you never know how something will look on. If you even slightly like the print or something about it, grab it, and try it on. You may just love how it looks. 

4. Ask yourself: will I wear it? We're all guilty of getting too giddy and excited over something in the store (la la land, rather) and never wearing it. Try and imagine your current wardrobe. Does the piece you want to buy fit in with some of the things you have at home? Try to picture HOW you'll wear it rather than why you like the piece. 

5. Haggle. Haggling is one of the perks of shows like this one. If you really love something but feel it's too expensive for what it is, or it has damage, or if you simply can't afford it, many vendors are willing to work out a reasonable price with you. Why not at least ask? Most vendors would rather have a happy customer and make a sale rather than make an extra $5-10. Give it a try!

6. Have a good-ol-time! The Show isn't all about shopping, trying things on, and haggling. It's a really magical time when vintage lovers rejoice, shop together, and celebrate the beautiful, rare pieces. Have FUN. Socialize, talk to people! Ask them about their purchases. Compliment them. LAUGH. BE SILLY. And please, please, TREAT YO-SELF.

Photos taken by Rosie Waugh, Michael Tundo, and myself. 
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Pumpkin this, pumpkin that

My halloween night consisted of many a pumpkin. My sister Lisa showed me a recipe from her favourite food blogger, Bon Appetempt, and we were instantly smitten, and drooling. It's a pumpkin stuffed with bread, cheese, and cream and baked in the oven. What's not to love? We decided to make it for Halloween night in at Rosie's place. We made two stuffed pumpkins and also roasted the seeds in butter, brown sugar and cinnamon (mmm!). 

All that pumpkin turned me into one! I decided to somewhat slightly dress up since I discovered how much orange and green I have. I also wore my new, and amazingly theatrical Kenzo frames that I am currently in love with. We had a great night in stuffing our faces, answering the door to kids, and watching TV. How was your halloween? What did you wear? 

Frames: Kenzo, $130. Blazer: Salvation Army, $6. Dress: H&M, $30. Tights: Joe Fresh, $6. 

Outfit pictures taken by Rosie. 

See that oozing cheese? Yeah. 

A pumpkin in it's most delicious form. And to think most people carve their pumpkins, put them outside to freeze, and then throw them OUT. 

Pumpkin, cheezy, bready, creamy goodness. 

Sweetly scrumptious seeds. 

Flashback to childhood. Pixie sticks! 
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Ottawa Antique Show + Farmer's Market Snaps

If you're blessed enough to have a farmer's market in your city, I urge you to visit! I recently discovered  the farmer's market in Ottawa and I was instantly in love. It's not just fresh, local produce, but also interesting baked goods like macaroons, beer-infused bagels (yep), homemade chill, fudge, a soup stand, and a curry stand. It's a great place to go with friends on a Sunday (it's open until 3). Me and Rosie went last Sunday for lunch before the Ottawa Antique Show. Rosie had a coconut lentil soup and I had a vegetable and chick pea curry with pakoras and chai tea. After lunch, we headed to the Antique Show. It was so much fun, except that I literally wanted everything! I had never really seen that much vintage furniture before and this was rows and rows of real vintage, awesome furniture, bobs, clothes, jewelry, shoes, and artwork. I found a daisy brooch that I absolutely adore. Daisy is one of my nicknames and I'm always drawn to them, especially in fashion. After the show, we went to Ikea and then out to dinner for some sushi. It was an amazing way to end the weekend, I'd say. 

Hat: H&M, $7. Coat: Danier, Value Village, $5. Shirt: Great Glebe Garage Sale, $25, Skirt: Winners, $25. Purse: Ragtime, $20. Boots: Derango, Value Village $10. Rings: Glebe Garage Sale $3, Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show, $10. 

I love my new daisy brooch! It's so adorable. Picked it up for $10. 

"YOU ARE FABULOUS!" were the words blurted out of my mouth the second I saw this woman. She is so beautiful. I love her glasses, make up and style. And, she's thrifty just like me! When I asked her what she bought she said "I got earrings for one dollar and a necklace for four dollars." So happy she let me take her photo. 

I came thisclose to purchasing these shoes. Me. Me, who basically only shops in thrift stores or in the sales section. These are to die for. Firstly, they're black and white checkered - so MOD, classy, fun. Secondly, the HEEL, THE HEEL, THE HEEL! So cool. And thirdly they're Dolce & Gabbana. I bet you're wondering what stopped my besides price obviously. Well, they're an 8.5 and I'm an 8. On top of that, they hurt my toes after walking around in them. They will forever be in my dreams <3.

All photos taken by Rosie. 
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