Wear polka dots, docs orders

This is what I wore to work today. I don't think I've actually ever shown you a proper work outfit since I'm generally busy before and after work, and when I get home I tend to immediately change into cozies. Today I had to run to the grocery store right after work to grab a few things for my pumpkin curry so I decided to capture my outfit. 

It's getting so cold outside, I had to pull out the ear muffs and docs today. I also got to wear one of my all time favourite leather jackets. When I saw this jacket at Value Village, it was in the small section and I literally wasn't even going to bother until my sister insisted I at least try it on. And thank goodness I did. I guess it's supposed to fit oversize on a size small person because it fit me. I simply adore the polka dots and have never seen that pattern on leather before. My scarf was a last minute addition and pulled the outfit together. 

What pieces are you enjoying before the snow hits?

Leather jacket: Sally. B., Value Village, $20, Shirt: American Apparel, Salvation Army, $6 Scarf/Tie: Value Village, $3, Pants: Joe Fresh, Value Village, $6, Backpack: Cargo Montreal, Bentley, $30 Boots: Dr. Martens, gifted Ear muffs: Chinatown Toronto shop, $5 Belt: Zara, (came with another pair of pants). 

All pictures taken by Lisa Kidd. 


  1. What a fantastic work outfit! That polka dot jacket is truly an awesome find!


  2. Wonderful pics, and magic you.
    Do keep in touch, my friend.