60s floral two-piece to go

I am head over heels in love with this vintage two-piece. When I saw it at Value Village, I instantly knew I had to have it. The print is unbelievable and the colours are so vibrant. Another great thing is they can be worn as separates or together when I'm feeling more bold. I wore this outfit to work on Saturday and to the mall to visit the new H&M with my friends. I didn't buy much at H&M since it's only been open a few days and we've been waiting to get one here forever, hence it was picked over by now but I did find an amazing toque (see it on my next post!) and a black faux-snakeskin belt. They really do have great, inexpensive accessories and I was very pleased with the size of the store, it's pretty big. Well worth the wait.  
Shirt and skirt: Value Village, $10 together. Black top: Jones New York, Rikochet Resale, $25. Purse: Ragtime, $18. Boots: Dr. Martens, gifted. Necklace: Forever 21, $12 

All photos taken by Rosie

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Wear polka dots, docs orders

This is what I wore to work today. I don't think I've actually ever shown you a proper work outfit since I'm generally busy before and after work, and when I get home I tend to immediately change into cozies. Today I had to run to the grocery store right after work to grab a few things for my pumpkin curry so I decided to capture my outfit. 

It's getting so cold outside, I had to pull out the ear muffs and docs today. I also got to wear one of my all time favourite leather jackets. When I saw this jacket at Value Village, it was in the small section and I literally wasn't even going to bother until my sister insisted I at least try it on. And thank goodness I did. I guess it's supposed to fit oversize on a size small person because it fit me. I simply adore the polka dots and have never seen that pattern on leather before. My scarf was a last minute addition and pulled the outfit together. 

What pieces are you enjoying before the snow hits?

Leather jacket: Sally. B., Value Village, $20, Shirt: American Apparel, Salvation Army, $6 Scarf/Tie: Value Village, $3, Pants: Joe Fresh, Value Village, $6, Backpack: Cargo Montreal, Bentley, $30 Boots: Dr. Martens, gifted Ear muffs: Chinatown Toronto shop, $5 Belt: Zara, (came with another pair of pants). 

All pictures taken by Lisa Kidd. 

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VIDEO: Fall Thrift Haul

Here's a fall thrift haul video of the latest things I've picked up at the thrift store. Fall has got to be the BEST time to go thrift shopping. They have the best selection at this time and the halloween aisle is my all time favourite - only until the 31st though. Watch the video to see what I bought!

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Pea Soup - White Fur

This past week the weather in Ottawa has been quite warm. I think mother nature wanted to give us one last taste of heat before we get buried in snow and ice this winter. As you can tell, I'm one of those bitter that winter is coming people. 
I wore this out for dinner, a thrifting trip and to see Gravity in theatres. My thrifting trip went very well. Fall is my favourite season for thrift shopping for a few reasons. One being more selection for blazers, sweaters, boots and coats and two: the weird clothes that I assume were reserved for halloween come out aka my day-to day-clothing. Seriously the halloween section is my new favourite. It seems like they stock pile cool clothes throughout September that they put out in October for halloween costumes. The halloween rack is full of sequins, leopard print, leather, and vintage clothes - basically all of my favourites. I'll be filming a thrift haul video soon to show you everything I bought! 
All I have to say about Gravity is that you need to see it. There are only two characters and the entire thing is set in space yet I sat at the edge of my chair, completely blown away by how insane and well done it was. Watch the trailer.
Hat and Necklace: inherited from Grandma, Purse: Value Village, $3, Vest: Winners, $26, Top: Joe Fresh, $6, Jeans: Joe Fresh, $15, Flatforms: Joe Fresh, $10, Lipstick: Covergirl Lip Perfection in Enchantress. 

All photos taken by Lisa Kidd. 

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Livin' my life like it's golden

I threw this outfit together for a wedding reception over the weekend. Blazers never fail me and gold always adds some life to any outfit! I've been wearing a lot of black lately and livening it up with colourful accessories. 

Who's wedding? Well, me and Rosie kept in touch with our writing teacher from high school and we had the great pleasure of seeing her on one of the most memorable days of her life. It was heart warming to see her in her white gown, surrounded by so much love, looking so happy with her new husband. 
blazer: value village $7, skirt: american apparel: $17, clutch: gifted (Rosie's mom), boots: expressions the bay: $20, bangle and ring: value village, $2-18, shirt, necklace and bracelet: inherited from Grandma Kitty Kats (she has the best stuff!) 

All photos taken by Rosie Waugh.
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