Ottawa Fashion Week SS'14

Ottawa Fashion Week SS'14 was last weekend at the Hilton Lac Leamy Hotel. It's one of the only big fashion events in the city and one that I always look forward to. This season, I was covering the event for Ottawa Woman newspaper, the Rickshaw Ottawa blog and of course, here on The Fashion Kidd. Two of the days I was joined with my friend Aurelia and amazing local photographer Gabrielle and my partner in crime for all three days was none other than my best friend Rosie.

The event tends to move locations each season. While my favourite will always be the National Gallery, there simply isn't enough room to fit all of the people that OFW now attracts. The Hilton this year was a top favourite location for it's gorgeous decorations, high ceilings, and red carpet. However, the drive was a bit much and probably even worse for those who don't drive.

We had so much fun throughout the whole weekend- from the dressing up, taking pictures, driving around in my Ford Fusion, exploring the marketplace and Mirari Studio and of course watching the shows. The Mirari Studio was a new addition this year which was basically a room to showcase art, music, and clothing. It was very intimate which was nice however I really did miss hearing live music while in the marketplace, having a drink and simply waiting to go into the shows. 

The runway shows were the best part of the weekend. From urban jumpsuits with rugged combat boots to diamond encrusted cocktail gowns with sky high stilettos and everything in between, the runway offered a completely unique experience from show to show. 

My favourite show was and always seems to be Y.D.N.A by Andy Nguyen. He always surprises the audience and presents unique individuality between each piece. This season, he had the runway wrapped in plastic that appeared black from the seats but was actually aluminum-silver, which predicted the feel of the show. While nearly every model was wearing a small golden crown and an all-black leather outfit, each look was completely unique. Designer Andy Nguyen really captured the modern day goth.

Helmer this year was mind-blowing. See the first picture below, he created these extraordinary gowns- each completely different with so much detail. I was so happy to see everything up close when the models posed at the media wall. 

Another favourite was Brit Wacher. Being a huge fan of blazers and business wear, she really caught my attention with her edgy twists on classic work wear. While many of the other designers used black leather in their collections, I really enjoyed how Brit styled the black leather pieces with lighter, airy tops and blouses. 

In celebrating their 10th season, Ottawa Fashion Week provided Ottawa with a fun-filled weekend of artistic expression in all forms  - in grand proportion.

Helmer. Photo by me.

Y.D.N.A. by Andy Nguyen. Photo by Gabrielle McKay.

Coat: Alpine Studio, Value Village $20. Blazer: Salvation Army $5. Skirt: Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show $15. Bag Winners $80 Necklace F21 $12. Photo by Gabrielle McKay.

Shoes: Joe Fresh $10. Photo by  Gabrielle McKay.

Me and my sexy Ford Fusion hybrid. Thanks so much to Ford for allowing me to arrive to fashion week in style - and still stay green! I absolutely adored this car. So much so that I almost cried when my week with it was up. The royal blue colour and shape is so chic and the interior is even cooler. Touchscreens, leather (and heated) seats, insane speakers, and webcam views when reversing (super helpful). I had so much fun cruising around town and it was the most glamorous way to travel to fashion week. 

Ou la la! Such a hot car. Photo by me.

Love this car! Photo by Gabrielle McKay.

Jumpsuit: Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show, $35 Shoes: Value Village $7 Photo by Rosie Waugh.

Trying to be a model-ha! Photo by Rosie Waugh.

Bag: Ragtime Vintage $20 Photo by Rosie Waugh, www.secondhand-rose.com

Kimono: Value Village $4 Purse: Value Village $4 Top: Value Village: $6 Necklace: H&M $16 Boots: The Bay $20 Leather skirt: Winners $29 Photo by Gabrielle McKay.

A few instagram pictures over the course of fashion week.

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Dear Grandma Kitty Kats

It is with a heavy heart that I tell you that my grandmother, Grandma Kitty Kats, passed away on August 31, 2013. After surviving several heart attacks, and spending three weeks in the ICU, she had many other complications and passed peacefully, surrounded by love. 

I had never lost someone so close to me before and while I know most of you didn't know her, she meant the world to me. She's touched so many lives and inspired so many, while she was living and even now after death. Her passing has really hit me (and my whole family so hard) because she was literally our rock. We could always, always, count on her and everyone would call her whenever we had a problem, needed someone to talk to, or simply wasn't sure how to cook a spaghetti squash (thanks gram).

When someone dies, we all have regrets. We all wish we could've, should've, would've visited more or told them how much we love and appreciate them more than we did. Reality is we can't go back in time (they're still working on it) and all we can do is reflect on what did happen, what we did say, and the love we did and still feel for that person. 

My grandma really lived her life. She lived for family and for herself. She did the things she loved. She painted, she gardened (even with a sore back and allergies), she cooked, and most importantly she loved her family unconditionally— truly.

She's taught me so much throughout my life and was an extremely positive influence for me growing up. I'll always remember the time we spent together and the love I felt every second we were together. What her life and death has taught me and my family is extraordinary. 

She's inspired me to treasure each moment, to love unconditionally, and to do what makes me happy.

And for that, I am forever thankful. 

Grandma Kitty Kats, I love you so much and I'd like to sincerely thank you. I'll never forget the way your soft skin felt when I hugged you, your laugh, your gorgeous hair, your pearls, the way your sticky buns taste, the way you said "again" and "roast beast", your delicious iced coffees, and the way you loved me so much. And while your body is gone, I still feel you here with me and I always will, until we meet again.

rest in peace

These are from grandma's garden. She called them "talking flowers" because when we were little, she would make the flowers talk with her hand :)
I'm not sure if you ever got to see how your flowers turned out, Grandma, but look,  they're beautiful. Just like you.
The picture board we made in memoriam of her life.

The name 'Grandma Kitty Kats' was officially created when I was a small human and couldn't differentiate the two grandmas and she had two cats.
Couldn't have made it through this hard time without these ladies- my beautiful sister and cousins. Family, love, support, music, art, and photographs are what helps me cope.
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