Blend in.

I usually like to stand out a little, fashion-wise. I don't think I succeeded in front of this wall but it was too beautiful to not take pictures in front of. I drive by it all the time and have always wanted to take pictures of it but never found myself in the Glebe and on foot. I went thrifting with my sister Lisa and friend Jill. While trying to find a spot to grab dinner, I saw the wall! I had to take some pictures with it. 

Got any beautiful murals in your city? Please share. 

All pictures taken by Lisa Kidd and me. 

blazer: thrifted, $2
pants: borrowed from Lisa, Zara
shirt: primark, rikochet resale, $10
shoes: joe fresh, $10
purse: thrifted, $3
ring: glebe garage sale, $3
scarf: value village, $2