Ri-Ri Attire

As you can probably tell by the title, this is what I wore to see Rihanna in concert last week. This was my second time seeing her and I was blown away yet again. This show was definitely a bigger production and I felt like she had matured a bit from her Loud days. She played all my favourites including Rude Boy, Man Down, Mother Mary, and the classic Umbrella. I was dancing and crying and laughing all at once and I loved every minute of it. 

My favourite outfit of her show. This Givenchy jumpsuit is to die for. It was a good fit for singing her hit "Diamonds", I'd say.
My outfit: 
Meet my new mom jeans. Aren't they so cool? They're super comfortable and I love how 80s they look. They can be dressed up or down and go with just about everything. That being said, they will only be making an appearance on weekends and some evenings. I simply adore my new sunnies. I firmly believe that cat-eye is the only shape for me. My fur bag is hated on by just about everyone but I don't care because I love it so much. It's faux fur and I got it for $2 at Value Village.

Big thanks to my photographer: Rosie of Secondhand-Rose.

sunnies: aldo, $13
tank top: unsure, closet
jeans: value village, $10
necklace: value village, $1
heels: aldo, $35
purse: value village, $2

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