Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show: What I Bought

THIS JUMPSUIT is hands down one of the wildest and most amazing things I've found lately. If you know me, you know I'm a sucker for jumpsuits. Any kind. One of my major problems with them though is my booty.. it tends to take up the whole jumpsuit and it looks unflattering. I've finally found one that I feel truly confident in because it's so wide and flowy and fits me perfectly. The pattern is unbelievably cool too. I cannot wait for an occasion to rock it this summer. I splurged on this one and paid $40.

This skirt screams 60s. I adore the print and the way it flows when I walk. I've already worn it to work and love it so much. I paid $15. 

This gorgeous sequined top is self-explanatory. I adore sequin tops and rarely find long sleeved, floral ones. I had to have this for my collection. I paid $25.

What drew me to this ring was the very clear stone.. it's so pretty and simple. It's turned into an everyday necessity. I paid $10.


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