Grey hair for summa time

Look at this jacket. Look at it! I found it in the twenty minutes I had to shop the Value Village half-off day sale. And if you've ever been thrift shopping before or know about the 50% off sales, you know that twenty minutes (not to mention the last half our of the sale) is simply not enough time. Yet I was able to find this gorgeous over-sized white leather blazer. I also found the leopard print top and a bunch of other summer shirts. Looking at my outfit, I'd say it's a great example of how thrift finds mixed with modern pieces can make a one-of-a-kind outfit.

I'm loving my grey hair! I've wanted it for so long but didn't have the guts to do it. Until I tried doing it myself and ended up turning my hair blue. To be honest, I actually liked the blue minus the fact that it was totally uneven. My hairdresser fixed it up and I finally have grey hair. I won't keep it forever but I'm definitely having some fun with it for now! 

All pictures taken by my beautiful twin, Lisa Kidd.
blazer: vintage, value village, $10
top: 90s, value village $2.50
skirt: cynthia rowley, winners, $13
shoes: joe fresh, $10
necklace: gifted, h&m
purse: value village, $4
hair scarf: value village, $1

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