Bike Love

Meet my new bike. I haven't named it yet because it's currently being painted purple and is awaiting it's basket and bell so stay tuned for the name. I had been searching for a bike for over a year now but had such trouble finding a vintage bike that had speeds and power brakes that wasn't more than $100. 

Until I drove by this baby. It was PERFECT. Minus the green colour and tacky stickers. As you can tell, I was very excited about my new ride and I am so anxiously awaiting to see it in purple and all dolled up. I've always loved biking from when I was a kid and it's great exercise. 

My outfit is super casual and quite patriotic I must say (if I lived in America, that is.) I love the vintage Ralph Lauren t-shirt, it's so classic and comfy. The pants are a work staple but they're so comfortable that I tend to wear them on weekends too. Stay tuned to see this bike much more this summer!

The fabulous photographer: Rosie of Secondhand-Rose.

t-shirt: ralph lauren, value village, $4
vest: value village, $3
pin: value village, $1
pants: joe fresh, $30
shoes: joe fresh, $40
necklace: gifted
purse: value village, $4
bike: $85
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Grey hair for summa time

Look at this jacket. Look at it! I found it in the twenty minutes I had to shop the Value Village half-off day sale. And if you've ever been thrift shopping before or know about the 50% off sales, you know that twenty minutes (not to mention the last half our of the sale) is simply not enough time. Yet I was able to find this gorgeous over-sized white leather blazer. I also found the leopard print top and a bunch of other summer shirts. Looking at my outfit, I'd say it's a great example of how thrift finds mixed with modern pieces can make a one-of-a-kind outfit.

I'm loving my grey hair! I've wanted it for so long but didn't have the guts to do it. Until I tried doing it myself and ended up turning my hair blue. To be honest, I actually liked the blue minus the fact that it was totally uneven. My hairdresser fixed it up and I finally have grey hair. I won't keep it forever but I'm definitely having some fun with it for now! 

All pictures taken by my beautiful twin, Lisa Kidd.
blazer: vintage, value village, $10
top: 90s, value village $2.50
skirt: cynthia rowley, winners, $13
shoes: joe fresh, $10
necklace: gifted, h&m
purse: value village, $4
hair scarf: value village, $1
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Ri-Ri Attire

As you can probably tell by the title, this is what I wore to see Rihanna in concert last week. This was my second time seeing her and I was blown away yet again. This show was definitely a bigger production and I felt like she had matured a bit from her Loud days. She played all my favourites including Rude Boy, Man Down, Mother Mary, and the classic Umbrella. I was dancing and crying and laughing all at once and I loved every minute of it. 

My favourite outfit of her show. This Givenchy jumpsuit is to die for. It was a good fit for singing her hit "Diamonds", I'd say.
My outfit: 
Meet my new mom jeans. Aren't they so cool? They're super comfortable and I love how 80s they look. They can be dressed up or down and go with just about everything. That being said, they will only be making an appearance on weekends and some evenings. I simply adore my new sunnies. I firmly believe that cat-eye is the only shape for me. My fur bag is hated on by just about everyone but I don't care because I love it so much. It's faux fur and I got it for $2 at Value Village.

Big thanks to my photographer: Rosie of Secondhand-Rose.

sunnies: aldo, $13
tank top: unsure, closet
jeans: value village, $10
necklace: value village, $1
heels: aldo, $35
purse: value village, $2
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I am truly blessed to have a lot of really amazing, extremely talented and humble people in my life. I've introduced you to a few of them so far and I am so SO excited for you to meet Niya. We've been friends since high school and although we've both been very busy throughout college and university, we always managed to stay in touch and everytime we see eachother, it feels as if nearly no time has gone by. Aren't those the best relationships?

Niya is such a talented artist. The entire time I've known her, she has always been very passionate about art. She has been studying for the past four years at the University of Ottawa in the Fine Arts program. Two weeks ago, I attended her final art show, Momentum, where the entire arts building was filled with the student's work. When I finally found Niya's exhibit, I felt a sense of WOW. When you first see her work, you almost feel confused at how beautiful it is. Her paintings look so real, like a photograph, and it took me a minute to realize that it was a painting. It was emotional seeing her work because I know how hard she worked on each piece and I know how passionate she is. Now I'm no artsy-fartsy lady so I won't be speaking in any fancy lingo to describe her paintings but to me, they are SO pretty to look at and I perceived them as showcasing "boring" scenes in a beautiful way, which I thought was a brilliant idea.

I'll stop blabbing now and let you see for yourself.

PAUSE. Can we discuss what a bombshell this woman is? LOOK AT THIS JUMPSUIT. Ah. maz. ing. 

WE ARE FIERCE. She worrrrrks that jumpsuit. Stunna. 

My outfit. Pretty casual yet vibrant. 

All photos taken by myself or Lisa Kidd.

outfit details:
coat: vintage, kensington market shop (toronto), $10
blouse: value village, $8
pants: joe fresh, rikochet resale, $7
boots: dr. martens, gifted
purse: valentina, winners, $26

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Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show: What I Bought

THIS JUMPSUIT is hands down one of the wildest and most amazing things I've found lately. If you know me, you know I'm a sucker for jumpsuits. Any kind. One of my major problems with them though is my booty.. it tends to take up the whole jumpsuit and it looks unflattering. I've finally found one that I feel truly confident in because it's so wide and flowy and fits me perfectly. The pattern is unbelievably cool too. I cannot wait for an occasion to rock it this summer. I splurged on this one and paid $40.

This skirt screams 60s. I adore the print and the way it flows when I walk. I've already worn it to work and love it so much. I paid $15. 

This gorgeous sequined top is self-explanatory. I adore sequin tops and rarely find long sleeved, floral ones. I had to have this for my collection. I paid $25.

What drew me to this ring was the very clear stone.. it's so pretty and simple. It's turned into an everyday necessity. I paid $10.
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Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show - Spring '13

Last weekend I attended the Spring Ottawa Vintage Clothing show. Since we had a blogger's brunch beforehand last time, we decided to get together again this year and go to the vintage show together afterwards. It was so nice meeting more Ottawa bloggers and catching up with the ones I met last time. We had brunch at Milestones in the market and then went to the Convention centre for the vintage show. I had so much fun shopping around and meeting the shop owners- they were all so nice and we shared a love for vintage. There was A LOT of stuff to look through.. I was in vintage heaven. 

I wore a 60s/70s dress that I found at Value Village a few weeks ago with my Joe Fresh flatforms that I picked up last summer. I love this dress! The colours and pattern is so vibrant and totally mod. Stay tuned to see what I bought. 

from left: Darcy , Lauren, Kelly, and I. The other half of the table was completely shaded, I apologize to those who were cropped out.

my breakfast.

the vintage versace suit that fit me perfectly, if only it wasn't $250.

I loved her style. She was hesitant to pictures but let me take one :) Such a cool dress and fanny pack!

breathtaking furs.

All pictures taken by Rosie or myself.

dress: mr. lawrence, value village, $7
purse: valentina, winners, $25
shoes: joe fresh, $10
earrings: gifted 
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