Rock 'n Roll Life

Being a vintage lover and colour addict, I'd often condemned wearing all black. Until I did it. 

I think the reason 90's punk revival has been such a huge trend for a couple of years now is because of the way it makes you feel. It was rather out-of-character for me to purchase a spike necklace but once I paired it with my black leather jacket, black dress and leather booties, I couldn't help but feel bad-ass. Especially since I am often referred to as Marilyn Monroe-esque and/or have that vintage/pin-up look, it was refreshing to wear something so out of my norm. Having just dyed my hair a more greyish blonde really enforced the urge to be a bit more dark (fashion-wise, of course.) I double-dog-dare you (yes, I actually said that) to wear a style that you wouldn't normally go for or isn't necessarily expected from you. It's a realllly cool feeling. 

The bag is my new obsession. I had been stalking it at Winners for weeks now but simply couldn't fathom paying the $50 for a bag that would fit only my phone and money. And it still wasn't acceptable once it was reduced to $38. I saw it once again a week ago and wasn't even going to check the price tag because I had seen it only a few days prior at $38 and hadn't expected a change. It must've been my extreme want for the bag that compelled me to check the price tag one more time and I'm glad I did. It was now reduced to $26 and I couldn't say no. Italian leather, real pony hair, ORANGE, mod, shapely and perfect for running errands, going out, or shopping. 

nails by me. 

All photos taken by Lisa Kidd.

jacket: danier, value village, $18
dress: joe fresh, value village, $7
booties: expression, the bay, $20
bag: valentina, winners, $26
necklace: suzy shier, $2
ring: value village, $18


  1. Fab! I love how you find such great stuff at Value Village. I find a gem once in a while.

    1. Thanks! Yes- I spend hours in that store.. which I probably why I tend to find things.

  2. YOU LOOK FABULOUS IN THIS. But maybe I'm biased because I wear all black every day...which would be missing the point of the post :) Florales, pastels and neons it is.

    1. JILLYBEAN! Thank you! I miss you a lot. a lot.

  3. haha oops, I'm an avid fan of all black all the time so I'd be lying if I said i didn't love this. again, love the nails!