Psychedelic Easter Winds

Today I celebrated Easter with my family. As much as we sometimes want to bite each other's heads off and spit them off the balcony (that's normal, right?), I love them and I'm so lucky to have the most hilarious and genuinely caring parents. And while I love my parents and my mom cooked a kick-ass ham, my grandmother was the highlight of my evening. She wore all black (as usual) but this time with a bright orange scarf. I took hundreds of pictures of her and even recorded a few of her stories. Stay tuned for that post!

my outfit: 
I wore this to run errands during the day and for dinner. The shirt, coat, belt, and purse are my most recent thrift finds. You may recognize this 'psychedelic' shirt from my latest haul video. I wanted to wear this shirt today firstly because it's AWESOME and secondly to show how you can make a seemingly ridiculous top work in an outfit. Or at least, it works for me (ha!). I adore the colours in this shirt and felt the gold belt and gold buttons went well with the red pants. I also want to mention that this belt completely reminded me of one of my favourite bloggers (and totally inspired me to buy it), she's fabulous and from sunny Spain, Mis Papelicos

It was verrrrrrry windy today. 

Would you like some tea?

me, grandma, lisa (twin sister)
All pictures taken by Lisa Kidd.

shirt: value village, $4
belt: salvation army, $1
jeans: old navy, $10
boots: expressions, the bay, $20
purse: bianca, value village, $5
ring: value village, $18

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