Meet my Grandma.

Meet my grandma. When I was little, she always had at least one or two pet cats. To differentiate her from my other grandma, I began calling her "Grandma Kitty Kats" and still do-- she still signs my cards with it.I love her so much. She has the best stories and makes the best sticky buns. She's also very edgy and slightly gothic, which you wouldn't sense from looking at her. Her favourite colour is black and she is not afraid of death. She always tells me this story from when I was little: One day my grandma, sister and me were talking about ghosts and what we would do if we ever saw one. I said to my grandma: "If you saw a ghost, you'd say 'Hello, ghost! How do you do?'" And it's very true. I love that about her. As humans, a large majority of us are terrified of death, including me but she inspires me to not be afraid and to live life to the fullest.

I also adore her sense of fashion. Her outfits are generally all black but always have interesting details. I love love love her orange scarf and bag. She's always loved fashion and dressed well from a young age. She's a great writer and painter and I like to say I got my love for writing and fashion from her. I taped our conversation over tea at Easter and I encourage you to watch the video down below. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Grandma Kitty Kats is the BEST. So much love for that woman. I could listen to her stories all day every day.