Spring Thrift Haul Video

I've recently thrifted so many cool, fun and wacky items for this Spring/Summer season. It's going to be a fantastic summer for fashion, I can already tell. Hopefully I keep finding gems like these so that by the time Summer rolls around, I'll have plenty of cool pieces to create funky outfits with. Here's what I picked up at Value Village and Salvation Army:

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Rock 'n Roll Life

Being a vintage lover and colour addict, I'd often condemned wearing all black. Until I did it. 

I think the reason 90's punk revival has been such a huge trend for a couple of years now is because of the way it makes you feel. It was rather out-of-character for me to purchase a spike necklace but once I paired it with my black leather jacket, black dress and leather booties, I couldn't help but feel bad-ass. Especially since I am often referred to as Marilyn Monroe-esque and/or have that vintage/pin-up look, it was refreshing to wear something so out of my norm. Having just dyed my hair a more greyish blonde really enforced the urge to be a bit more dark (fashion-wise, of course.) I double-dog-dare you (yes, I actually said that) to wear a style that you wouldn't normally go for or isn't necessarily expected from you. It's a realllly cool feeling. 

The bag is my new obsession. I had been stalking it at Winners for weeks now but simply couldn't fathom paying the $50 for a bag that would fit only my phone and money. And it still wasn't acceptable once it was reduced to $38. I saw it once again a week ago and wasn't even going to check the price tag because I had seen it only a few days prior at $38 and hadn't expected a change. It must've been my extreme want for the bag that compelled me to check the price tag one more time and I'm glad I did. It was now reduced to $26 and I couldn't say no. Italian leather, real pony hair, ORANGE, mod, shapely and perfect for running errands, going out, or shopping. 

nails by me. 

All photos taken by Lisa Kidd.

jacket: danier, value village, $18
dress: joe fresh, value village, $7
booties: expression, the bay, $20
bag: valentina, winners, $26
necklace: suzy shier, $2
ring: value village, $18

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Meet my Grandma.

Meet my grandma. When I was little, she always had at least one or two pet cats. To differentiate her from my other grandma, I began calling her "Grandma Kitty Kats" and still do-- she still signs my cards with it.I love her so much. She has the best stories and makes the best sticky buns. She's also very edgy and slightly gothic, which you wouldn't sense from looking at her. Her favourite colour is black and she is not afraid of death. She always tells me this story from when I was little: One day my grandma, sister and me were talking about ghosts and what we would do if we ever saw one. I said to my grandma: "If you saw a ghost, you'd say 'Hello, ghost! How do you do?'" And it's very true. I love that about her. As humans, a large majority of us are terrified of death, including me but she inspires me to not be afraid and to live life to the fullest.

I also adore her sense of fashion. Her outfits are generally all black but always have interesting details. I love love love her orange scarf and bag. She's always loved fashion and dressed well from a young age. She's a great writer and painter and I like to say I got my love for writing and fashion from her. I taped our conversation over tea at Easter and I encourage you to watch the video down below. Hope you enjoy!

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Spring Time Delight

These pictures were taken last weekend when we had absolutely beautiful weather here in Ottawa. I suppose it was too good to be true- I'm currently staring out my window at Spring's evil cousin, Slush, who surprised us today with some beautiful whitish grey slush that goes great with layers and layers of clothing- the total opposite of my Spring-time delight,  see below (when I believed it was Spring). And while the fake Spring and sunshine lasted for about a week and a half, I'm happy I was able to enjoy it and know that once Slush realizes it's unwanted here, Spring will make a comeback in the biggest way, and Summer will last twice as long! How's that for wishful thinking?

I wore this outfit to run some errands and grab some lunch with my twin sister, Lisa. The grey top and bolo tie are two of my most recent thrift purchases and are my current obsessions. The top reminds me of pajama chic that's been on trend for a while. I adore the paisley print and find it's versatile with my wardrobe. The sequin cardigan was something I picked up in a vintage store while visiting Toronto last May. I fell in love with the colour and had to have it. I was happy to give it some wear last weekend and felt the sunshine gave the sequins justice. My bag and boots are my go-to, everyday pieces of the moment and my trench coat was able to make an appearance thanks to Mr. Sunshine, that handsome devil. 

Photos taken by Lisa Kidd and myself.

 coat: apropos, new to you, $8
sequin cardigan: 69 vintage, $20
shirt: vintage, salvation army $4
pants: joe fresh, rikochet resale, $12
bag: kgb black label, winners, $80
bolo tie: value village, $2
boots: expressions, the bay, $20 

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Live your best life.

Tonight I had the great priviledge to see Oprah live. It was nothing short of magical, inspiring, profound, and refreshing. Although I was rows and rows and stairs away.. and Oprah appeared like a little purple star (she wore a purple sequin dress) with a LOT of hair from my view, she made me feel like I was right there, on stage with her. 

Oprah is one of those people (in my books anyway) that you could never even fathom being in the same room with because you've looked up to them for so long. That and because she's... well, Oprah. 

But being there, and hearing her wise and inspiring words, was an absolute blessing and a night that I will never forget. 

Once Oprah gave her speech, she was joined by CBC's George Strombo where he interviewed her until the end of the show. Their energy together was brilliant and he asked all of the right questions as well as entertained us. I was so proud to see a Canadian talent up there with the broadcasting Queen. I met George back in January and I can honestly say he's such a great guy- honest and genuine. 

photo by George Stromboulopoulos @strombo
As you can imagine, she gave the audience some very good advice. As you can tell from the title, the theme of the night was 'Live your best life'. It's almost impossible to remember every word she said or ponder every thought she expressed, but there were some lessons that I left with and plan on keeping forever:


You do. She stressed that no matter where you come from and what happens to you, you have a great power by just being. By 'being', we have the opportunity to find our purpose, live out our calling, and truly live our best life. Oprah shared the fact that when she was born, no one was excited for her arrival. Her parents hadn't planned her and she felt as though she was unwanted. She also shared that the only night her parents were together was the night she was conceived. She soon learned that it was a miracle that she was given the gift of life. She told us that we are not our disease, divorce, parents, mistakes, etc. Those things don't dictate the person we seek to become. 


She talked a lot about energy. She taught us that we are all energy. I learned that the energy you put in to something (could be anything) is the energy that you will get out of it. The energy you release into the universe dictates how the universe will respond to you. She said not to think of obstacles as "How will I get through this?" and/or "When will I catch a break?" but as "What is the next right decision?" 


Oprah says there's no such thing as luck. "Luck" is just preparedness meeting opportunity. She said that you need to prepare yourself and be the best you, so that when an opportunity comes, you are ready. 


She said that most problems begin as whispers. And we often don't hear them until we take the time to stop, listen, and recognize when we hear them. 
She used this analogy to explain: 
When the whispers aren't heard, they turn into throwing pebbles (problems), and the pebbles turn to a brick to the head (crisis) and the brick to the head turns to the brick wall falling down on us (breakdown/disaster). It was a great analogy for recognizing problems before they become difficult to manage. 


She also spoke about intentions. We don't get in fights with other people because they lied to us or forgot our birthday, we get into fights because of how the action was intendded and how it ultimately made us feel. She said it's important that if you're in an argument, to fight about what you're actually fighting about. Say: "you missed my birthday and that hurt my feelings because it made me feel like you don't care about me." Not: "you missed my birthday- you're a $@#$%!" Talk about why you're feelings were hurt and how the relationship can be mended.


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Psychedelic Easter Winds

Today I celebrated Easter with my family. As much as we sometimes want to bite each other's heads off and spit them off the balcony (that's normal, right?), I love them and I'm so lucky to have the most hilarious and genuinely caring parents. And while I love my parents and my mom cooked a kick-ass ham, my grandmother was the highlight of my evening. She wore all black (as usual) but this time with a bright orange scarf. I took hundreds of pictures of her and even recorded a few of her stories. Stay tuned for that post!

my outfit: 
I wore this to run errands during the day and for dinner. The shirt, coat, belt, and purse are my most recent thrift finds. You may recognize this 'psychedelic' shirt from my latest haul video. I wanted to wear this shirt today firstly because it's AWESOME and secondly to show how you can make a seemingly ridiculous top work in an outfit. Or at least, it works for me (ha!). I adore the colours in this shirt and felt the gold belt and gold buttons went well with the red pants. I also want to mention that this belt completely reminded me of one of my favourite bloggers (and totally inspired me to buy it), she's fabulous and from sunny Spain, Mis Papelicos

It was verrrrrrry windy today. 

Would you like some tea?

me, grandma, lisa (twin sister)
All pictures taken by Lisa Kidd.

shirt: value village, $4
belt: salvation army, $1
jeans: old navy, $10
boots: expressions, the bay, $20
purse: bianca, value village, $5
ring: value village, $18

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