While staying with my Aunt Bev last weekend, I said we got up to making a beautiful fur clutch. Remember that 'useless' piece of white rabbit fur that I bought for a buck while breaking my shopping hiatus? Well it turned out to be not-so-useless after all. I'd encourage you not to throw away craft materials because you can always turn them into something beautiful. In creating the clutch, Bev involved me in the whole process from concept to creation. It was so interesting to see how a purse is made, especially when working with leather and fur. I have to say a huge thanks again to my Aunt for helping me turn my piece of fur into a masterpiece, one-of-a-kind Bev Kidd creation. I await a fancy occasion to rock little Alice at. We called her Alice since Alice in Wonderland had a little white rabbit

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  1. Fabulous bag, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Love, love, love it.
    Happy Easter weekend.