Thrift + Joe Fresh Haul Video

After my two-month shopping hiatus, I definitely got up to some shopping. Here you'll see what I've found at Goodwill, Salvation Army, Value Village, Rikochet Resale, and the new Joe Fresh stand-alone store. I hope you enjoy this haul!  Don't forget to comment and let me know your favourite item.  

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While staying with my Aunt Bev last weekend, I said we got up to making a beautiful fur clutch. Remember that 'useless' piece of white rabbit fur that I bought for a buck while breaking my shopping hiatus? Well it turned out to be not-so-useless after all. I'd encourage you not to throw away craft materials because you can always turn them into something beautiful. In creating the clutch, Bev involved me in the whole process from concept to creation. It was so interesting to see how a purse is made, especially when working with leather and fur. I have to say a huge thanks again to my Aunt for helping me turn my piece of fur into a masterpiece, one-of-a-kind Bev Kidd creation. I await a fancy occasion to rock little Alice at. We called her Alice since Alice in Wonderland had a little white rabbit

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It's in the genes.

This past weekend was incredibly refreshing and relaxing- two words you wouldn't have heard me use to describe my weekends in a while. Relaxing, sure. Refreshing, though, is a very special word. Feeling refreshed- to me- means seeing, hearing and learning something new. I drove down to my aunt Bev's house in Pembroke (about 1.5 hrs away) for a night. We both adore fashion, design, and are into eating healthy so we had lots to talk about and there was a lot I learnt from her. I think a love for fashion must be ingrained in our genes as my grandmother had an amazing sense of style (and still does), many of the paintings in my aunts house were either done by her or my grandmother, and my great grandmother used to make the most beautiful clothes. She first gave me a tour (see below her beautifully decorated abode), we then chatted and caught up, went out for dinner, and returned to her house to rummage through all her old fashion illustrations and favourite fashion books (she's got a tonne!) Sunday morning was spend turning my $1 piece of white rabbit fur into a beautiful and glamorous clutch (stay tuned for the pictures). 

She's so talented. And I know that word gets thrown around a lot, especially in fashion, but this lady IS talented. We have a similar sense of fashion and tend to like a lot of the same things when it comes to fashion and personal style. I regret not taking any pictures of her fashion sketches and pieces she's made because I don't think I can convey how beautiful her work is in words. To give a bit of back story- she once lived in Toronto, working in the Toronto Fashion Incubator and as an assistant to Arthur Mendonca but now works as an engineer. So she knows her stuff and she's very good at it. I loved going through all her work and hearing all her amazing stories. I can't wait to spend many more weekends with her- we were both so glad we made the time to get together and really get to know each other. If you're lucky enough to have relatives near you that you haven't got around to visiting, go now! You'll never be not busy so make time and go. You'll be surprised at the good it'll do.

Dining room.

Chandelier at night. 

Living room.

"Americans in Paris" - living room.

Living room- adore this ottoman. 

Just a few of her fashion books in the "Paris" themed room (guest room).

My grandmother in 1959, guest room. How classy?


Caramel in Paris.

Aunt Bev. 

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Truth About Houndstooth & Hiatus Triumph

Shopping hiatus triumph: AT LAST. My two-month shopping hiatus has come to an end. It was way harder than I anticipated. The most difficult temptation to fight was the thrift store. I even let myself step foot in a thrift shop a few times when my friends were going and that was HELL. During one such visit I found three amazing items that I still don't believe I'll ever find again. I do know that there are millions of other great finds out there, though. The first week my hiatus ended I must've gone shopping five times. Since then, I'm happy to report, I've slowed down. The hiatus allowed me to really wear my clothes and fall back in love with them. It was exactly what I needed and helped me to appreciate shopping again. Stay tuned for a haul video of what I've bought since! 

The outfit: The truth about houndstooth is that you can pair it with like-minded houndstooth's (sp?) and it will look fabulous. For this work ensemble, I paired my newly thrifted green houndstooth blazer with my orange houndstooth turtle neck and circle printed navy pants. For accessories, I played the muted orange up with a bright orange/clear necklace and orange/silver vintage ring. I paired the outfit with my new black leather purse and booties. My vintage-inspired glasses were a nice touch to the retro look that I aspire to everyday. 

outfit specs:
blazer: vintage, salvation army, $6
top: vintage, value village, $4
pants: gap, $15
boots: expressions, the bay, $20
necklace: h&m, $17
purse: bianca, value village, $5
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