Vintage Military Gypsy: OFW F/W13

Me and my dawhling friend Rosie went to Ottawa Fashion Week this past Saturday. I love local fashion events because the Ottawa fashion scene is so small and it's fun to see everything location. Having interned on the PR team with OFW for two seasons, I love to see how the event changes each season. There are always the classic returning designers and front row attendees but the atmosphere and scenery is always different.

My favourite show (and main reason for attending this year) was Y.D.N.A by Andy Nguyen. His last show was super creepy, gave me chills, and stayed in my memory for months after. His shows give me the same type of feeling I get whilst watching a McQueen show. I feel scared and creeped out but intrigued most of all. 

I wore a vintage army green wool dress that was made by my great aunt in the 80s that was passed down to me. My aunt Zia Lea is the sweetest, most hilarious woman. She knows good fit in fashion, having been a seamstress all her life. She's almost 80 and still works from her home doing dress alterations. This dress is so special. The cut and fit is phenomenal and I'm so lucky that I get to have it (and that it fits me). Being in the fourth week of my shopping hiatus, I had to dig in my closet to find something to wear rather than buying something new. It was hard and at first I felt hopeless but once I found this beautiful piece, I knew it was perfect. 

I felt this dress needed some colour, hence adding the pink turban, hair and lipstick. My bag is a white leather/woven purse that I got from Value Village. To be honest, it was the only bag I own that would fit my newly purchased Canon T3i- although I like how it ended up looking with my outfit. These are the first of many pictures taken with my new camera and I'm in love with the things it can do in basically any lighting and the quality of video it produces. 

My best fran, Rosie.
My new friend, Sarah, who runs The Mercury Lounge 
All photos taken by Rosie Waugh and Amoi Murphy. See my Facebook album for more OFW pictures. 

turban: urban outfitters, gifted
dress: vintage, hand-made by aunt, gifted
purse: value village, $4
booties: spring, sale, $20 

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  1. Laura, you look stunning in these photos! Your makeup is flawless!

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca