Forever Four

Forever Four: 
Forever four stands for my two first cousins, Ashley & Brandy, my sister Lisa and me. We've literally known each other forever and hence why we're forever four. And although they've always lived at least 5 hours away, we've always managed to see each other a few times a year. Our group dynamic was built on a foundation of unconditional love and support. We 'get' each other and we go together like PB & J. They're an amazing support system and since we know each other inside and out, we're able to listen and give advice in the most thorough way. I can always depend on these ladies, to have a fun night or pillow talk,  through the good times and bad. Most of all, we have the most fun together. When you're so close with someone, it doesn't matter what you do because we manage to make anything fun as long as we're together. We're constantly entertained by each other and we feed off of our energy.

This week:
This week was refreshing for me spending time with some of my favourite people as well as SLEEPING IN! It was wonderful- I think I must've slept in till 11/12 everyday. I strongly suggest taking a few days off and spending it with close family and friends, you'll feel like a brand new gal/guy. Taking time to relax is something I've been working on for the past few months and although some would argue, I feel like I'm making progress. I'm learning that some things can wait. In my case, if my room goes a few days uncleaned (I admit it), then so what? I understand cleaning is therapeutic for many (even me) but I'm trying to not be so paranoid about things getting done. Because I'm realizing that life really is about people. When you die, all that's left is the inspiration you had on others and the difference you made while you had the gift of life.

The outfit:
This is an outfit I wore for a casual evening of Starbucks and the movies (we saw Silver Linings Playbook- loved it). My cousin let me borrow her blouse because she knew how "me" it was. I loved it and am thinking of purchasing my own! The velvet skirt was originally bought by my sister but it didn't fit her quite right so she generously gave it to me. This is definitely a casual look for me and I was so comfortable yet still felt a tad quirky. 

Shopping Hiatus Update:
I am SIX days away from being done. AKA I have not purchased any clothing or accessories (minus a pair of work shoes- needed!) in almost two months. I have to say it has been insanely hard. I did not anticipate such intense cravings and urges to shop. The hardest part for me has been not thrift shopping. That is for sure my biggest weakness (that and chocolate). And as hard as it's been, I feel proud of myself. Contributing to accomplishing a goal feels good. I feel like I have more control over my shopping and I've had the opportunity to really know my wardrobe inside and out and to really enjoy the clothes that I am so grateful to have. 

Forever four: Lisa, Brandy, myself and Ashley.
We were blessed with this beautiful sunset on the ride up. Snapped from the car. 

 All outfit photos taken by Lisa. 

Outfit specs:
jean shirt: joe fresh, $14
blouse: borrowed
skirt: joe fresh, gifted 
leggings: sirens, $10
necklace: aldo, $10 

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Vintage Military Gypsy: OFW F/W13

Me and my dawhling friend Rosie went to Ottawa Fashion Week this past Saturday. I love local fashion events because the Ottawa fashion scene is so small and it's fun to see everything location. Having interned on the PR team with OFW for two seasons, I love to see how the event changes each season. There are always the classic returning designers and front row attendees but the atmosphere and scenery is always different.

My favourite show (and main reason for attending this year) was Y.D.N.A by Andy Nguyen. His last show was super creepy, gave me chills, and stayed in my memory for months after. His shows give me the same type of feeling I get whilst watching a McQueen show. I feel scared and creeped out but intrigued most of all. 

I wore a vintage army green wool dress that was made by my great aunt in the 80s that was passed down to me. My aunt Zia Lea is the sweetest, most hilarious woman. She knows good fit in fashion, having been a seamstress all her life. She's almost 80 and still works from her home doing dress alterations. This dress is so special. The cut and fit is phenomenal and I'm so lucky that I get to have it (and that it fits me). Being in the fourth week of my shopping hiatus, I had to dig in my closet to find something to wear rather than buying something new. It was hard and at first I felt hopeless but once I found this beautiful piece, I knew it was perfect. 

I felt this dress needed some colour, hence adding the pink turban, hair and lipstick. My bag is a white leather/woven purse that I got from Value Village. To be honest, it was the only bag I own that would fit my newly purchased Canon T3i- although I like how it ended up looking with my outfit. These are the first of many pictures taken with my new camera and I'm in love with the things it can do in basically any lighting and the quality of video it produces. 

My best fran, Rosie.
My new friend, Sarah, who runs The Mercury Lounge 
All photos taken by Rosie Waugh and Amoi Murphy. See my Facebook album for more OFW pictures. 

turban: urban outfitters, gifted
dress: vintage, hand-made by aunt, gifted
purse: value village, $4
booties: spring, sale, $20 
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Express Yourself: The Magic of Clothing

I think that fashion is something that contains millions of sub-topics. It's not just about clothes or money or runways and parties. Those are a few of the sub-topics. Fashion for me has a lot to do with emotion. How many of you dress based on your mood? I certainly do. Weather and daily events are taken into consideration as well but I'd say that most days it's what I'm feeling like that predicts my outfit. Some days, my emotions control the outfit. Others, my outfit controls my emotions. Clothes make me feel different emotions. The more I like my outfit, the more confident I tend to feel. Certain colours, textures and styles make me feel a certain way. I love the power that clothes have to not only transform the way I look but the way I feel. For example, bright colours and sequins lift my mood and make me feel cheery and bright. 

Summer 2011? Vintage dress from Value Village, Aldo shoes. 

The same can be said about confidence. Your confidence can dictate how you dress and how you dress will influence your confidence.  It's not always about what you're wearing but how the clothes make you feel. I don't like the so-called guidebook or 'rules' of style. For lack of a better cliche, rules are meant to be broken. I dress for myself, in expressing my creativity and love for fashion. I try to encourage people I meet to just wear what they want, regardless of what people may think. If you like how you look in something, or how it makes you feel, then WEAR it. I agree that certain styles will flatter different body shapes but fashion for me isn't always about flattering my shape but being creative and wearing whatever I want. And what is creative to me may not be creative to others. Personal style is exactly that: it's personal. If wearing grey is a jump from black for a person, then so be it. If I feel like wearing a fur vest, turban, and glittery shoes, I will without hesitation. 

Sequin jacket and shoes from Value Village.

 Whenever I'm wearing something that's eccentric and starts a conversation, I constantly hear the other person saying a variation of "I could never pull that off". I always say "YES YOU CAN!". I don't like the idea of "pulling it off". It's as easy as putting it on and being fearless. When I put on something strangely cool or different, it gives me this weird rush of confidence and I feel fearless. I also don't understand the point in saving things for special occasions or events when you can live everyday like it's a special day!

Vintage beaded dress. 

 Confidence is so important to me and only recently did I realize how important. It literally affects almost everything in daily life from how you interact with people and make decisions to how you walk and the way you speak. Confidence to me is feeling comfortable expressing myself without the fear of what people will think or say. I'm used to receiving just about every outfit comment possible and all of them, good or bad, make me happy for some reason.  Some comments even make me burst into laughter. I was once called a gorilla for wearing a black fur vest and a martini waiter for wearing a bow tie (funny, no?).

I think what holds some people back from dressing how they want is the fear of opening the possibility of receiving comments. However, if you feel truly confident in what you're wearing, what people think or say won't matter. And if you don't feel confident but you do like what you're wearing, then fake the confidence. Shift your inner voice and talk to yourself. Tell yourself you're beautiful and stylish, and creative and unique. Act confident. What I'm trying to say is just dress how you want and the confidence will eventually come. It takes time and I can say there are days when I'm not confident, but that's when my clothes step in. 

My heaven: the thrift store.

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