Temptations took over.

A week into my shopping hiatus proved to be quite the challenge. Such a challenge, in fact, that my shopping addiction took over me. I found out about a thrift store that I had never been to and my curiosity of what could be waiting for me took over and I went to simple take a "peak". Also, being that I've probably visited almost every thrift shop in the city, the fact that I had never been to this one irked me. 

The shop is called "New To You" and it's located in the basement of an Anglican church in Westboro. I really liked the name because it is simple and completely describes why I like to thrift. 

Once I got home, and realized what I had done, I immediately felt guilty and disappointed in myself. I had broken my resolution only a week after I had set it. This was something I really thought I could do but the fact that I went shopping proved that my problem is larger than I originally thought. 

I've decided not to give up on my hiatus and to see this as a bump in the road, for lack of a better phrase. I've extended my hiatus to a week into March and plan to stick to it this time. 

I hope this encourages you to not give up on your resolutions, what ever they may be, even if you get off track sometimes. 

Here's what I bought:


 Apropos black trench coat with leather details and tartan removable wool lining: $8

I simply adore this coat! This is my first black trench coat and it's warm enough with the wool lining to wear in the early spring. 

 Joe Fresh black linen blazer with complimentary silk pocket scarf: $2

I was drawn to this blazer firstly by the brand name (I'm a huge fan of Joe) and second by the adorable scarf that was sitting in the pocket. I honestly probably wouldn't have bought it without seeing the way it looked with the pocket scarf even though I can usually visualize thrift store pieces in different ways. This will come in handy come spring. 

 White piece of (rabbit?) fur: $1

I think I fell into a thrift store haze when I purchased this item. Long after I bought it I contemplated why I bought it. I think I thought it was a stole or useful in someway, until I really looked and realized it was simply a piece of fur. After much thought, I decided that I would make it into a clutch in the future since I've always wanted a fur clutch. Wish me luck.

Union jack pencil case: $0.50

As a lover of all things British  I had to have this. I will probably either use it as a makeup bag or pencil case but it can be used to store almost anything that will fit. 

Green mod-print scarf: $2.50

As you know, I'm a tad obsessed with the whole mod style. I don't have many mod print scarves (if any) and I really wanted to get back into the habit of wearing head scarves again. They're great for bad hair days and boring outfit days. I'm thinking of making a video or picture tutorial of the various ways I like to wear headscarves because I usually only see them on people with longer hair. Yay or nay?

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  1. Great purchases (and totally worth the small bump in the road)!

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca