Foggy Sunday

The weather in Ottawa today was rather foggy. You can''t really tell from these pictures but the city was filled with fog today! Although it looked really cool and it was warmer than usual, fog is pretty dangerous for driving so it's important to drive slow and pay attention on the roads. Since it was a mild day I decided to take my new trench coat out for a spin. I paired the coat with bright pops to balance out the darkness of the coat and boots. I'm wearing one of my favourite tops- a birthday gift this year from my best friend Rosie. My bag was last month's splurge that ended my 5-month quest for my perfect everyday bag. Well, I'm off to watch the Golden Globes! Enjoy your Sunday evening/Monday morning/whatever day it is, wherever you are!

All photos taken by Lisa Kidd.

 coat: apropos, new to you, $8
shirt: serge nancel, gifted
vest: value village, $4
pants: old navy, $14
bag: kgb black label, winners, $80
pin: value village, $3
hat: gifted
boots: dr. martens, gifted 


  1. Winners has lots of fab bags lately. My favourites are coming from Femme de Carriere!

  2. Great trench - love the colour of your pants too!

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca