2013: Two-month shopping hiatus.

This may come as a shock to you--

I have decided to go on a two-month shopping hiatus. 

Yes, me! I've given this mini-resolution a lot of thought. Besides the obvious reasons like saving time and money, my main reason for doing this is that I literally have no more space to keep adding to my closet weekly. In fact, a few weeks ago my closet rail actually snapped and my closet essentially exploded with clothes.  

My closet, post-explosion. 

I have too much stuff and it's made it more difficult to get ready in the morning. I've been less creative with my outfits and I hate it. 

It's actually been proven that when we have too many options, we will likely feel like we've made the wrong decision. Having less options to choose from in my closet will make it easier for me to get dressed and I will be forced to get creative-- something I love and miss doing. 

In order to complete my shopping hiatus, I will follow two rules:

  1. Not allowed to purchase/attain ANY clothes or accessories between January 1, 2013 and March 1, 2013. 
  2. Allowed to purchase undergarments when needed. 

You may be thinking... What will happen to your blog?


I will continue blogging and sharing my journey with you! I look forward to this challenge and I truly believe I can do it.

My other 2013 resolutions include:

- be a kinder, more patient person

- continue to eat healthy
- be more physically active
- save money for England trip 
- pay off student loans

I really believe in goal setting. I think if you start out with a goal in mind and make a plan to achieve it, anything can happen. Attitude is very important to goal setting too. You have to try to keep a positive mentality and find ways to remind yourself of the end result.

"2013" aka "the best year yet":

A few years ago, my best friend Rosie came up with what seemed to be fictional idea at the time- that 2013 would be the absolute best year. And as the time got closer, certain things would hint at this idea and now it's become a complete reality. Rosie, along with me and many of our friends, have come to believe that 2013 will be amazing. From new music to new beginnings and new clothing stores, we just know it will be awesome. 

Happy New Year and wish me luck! 

What are your 2013 resolutions? 
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Collective Haul Video: 69 Vintage, H&M + More!

This is my third haul video! These are my finds over the past couple of weeks. I was in Toronto a week ago visiting my friends Heather and Sarah, and we got up to some shopping. We went to a couple of vintage stores, H&M, and a few stores in Chinatown and Kensington Market. I had so much fun shopping in new scenery. Here's what I found:

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Stars & Metric

As I mentioned in my last post, I saw Stars and Metric on November 23. I taped parts of the concert and wanted to share the experience with you. This was my first time seeing Stars and I really enjoyed their show. They had a lot of energy and sounded awesome!

If you've been to a Metric concert before, you already know the show is magical. It's such an experience and they really make it all about the audience. No other band in my opinion really makes you feel as though you are a crucial part of their music. And perhaps for some artists, the audience isn't an important piece to their show. 

Metric evokes such emotion and they truly deliver on stage. They've never ever disappointed me and I've seen them four times. 


Stars lead singer, Amy Millan

Metric lead singer, Emily Haines

All photos and video by me.
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I Can Feel It In My Bones

The title is a lyric from Metric's "Gimme Sympathy" song. Last week, I traveled to Kingston, Ontario (two hours from Ottawa) with some friends to see a Stars and Metric concert.

When deciding what to wear, I immediately knew I had to wear my new leather fringe jacket. Building on that, I pulled out my brown suede skirt and glittery oxford shoes. The outfit was almost perfect but was missing something: a shirt. Suddenly I heard a knock on my door and I was pleased to see Rosie standing there, ready to hit the road. After telling her that I had no clue what shirt to wear, she simply said: "Wear a leopard print top!" 

I was a little hesitant that leopard print was the missing piece to my outfit puzzle (especially since she tells everyone to wear leopard print, regardless if they should) but I tried it anyway. I ended up loving how it looked and I was a bit rattled by how simple my solution was. I suppose sometimes you just need a second brain.

Before the concert, we managed to visit Value Village, meet up with a few other friends and fill up on fajitas and margheritas at Lone Star, all in time for the concert! We sadly didn't have time to visit the new H&M there but we figured having dinner and getting to the concert on time were the top priorities. All this to say I had such a fun mini-road trip!

All pictures taken by Lisa Kidd.

jacket: value village, $18
shirt: forever 21, $13
skirt: value village, $7
shoes: winners, $15
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