Secondhand Rose Feature + My Style Icons

You may be familiar with the newest curvy fashion blogger to grace the likes of Gabi Fresh and Frantic Dreams. Her name is Rosie and her blog is called Secondhand Rose. She's edgy, glamorous, and witty. She is also my best friend. Every Saturday, she writes a blog post for her Style Icon Saturday series on people who have influenced her style. 

Her latest style icon post was on yours truly. She talked about how our styles are so different yet they create a wonderful balance. She also touched on the fact that we inspire each other's style and even included a hilarious picture of us at our H.S. graduation.

I am constantly inspired by her risky fashion choices and amazing sense of style. Her confident stature makes me feel more confident and inspires me to be fearless. 

Click on the picture to see the full post:

Rosie's style icon posts have got me thinking about my style icons. My style is constantly inspired by my friends, people on the street, celebrities, and fellow fashion bloggers. I've made a list to give you a better idea.

My Style Icons

vivienne westwood
solange knowles
julie sarois
olsen twins
M.I.A., www.tumblr.com 





Who are your style icons? What about their style inspires you? Leave a comment!

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