Never a mall rat

You're probably curious about the name of this post. Let me explain... 
Me, being a thrift shopper and vintage fiend, will most likely not be found at the mall. And that is true for the most part. Lately, though, you could basically call me a mall rat. I've been to the mall at least three times this week. I said it. 

The reason being, I needed things that I refuse to buy in thrift stores. I also believe that mixing modern clothing with thrifted pieces is how you keep your look modern rather than dated and frumpy. 

I would never purchase undergarments used (although they do sell them at thrift stores, and I suppose people buy them). I don't care if there are brand new tags on them, something about it doesn't seem right to me. I know you're probably thinking it's just as unsanitary to wear pants, dresses, and boots from a thrift store but to each their own. 

On to my outfit:

These are all recent purchases. I love the blouse because it can be layered and paired with nearly everything I already own. My pants are Joe Fresh, they are super comfortable and I fell in love with the colour. My shoes were a steal from Winners and I don't have any functional brogues right now so they definitely made the cut. 

I wore this outfit to the mall and to a late dinner afterwards at Chez Lucien. If you live in or near Ottawa, it is absolutely a must that you visit this restaurant. 


 All photos taken by Lisa Kidd

 blouse: vero moda, winners, $24.99
pants: joe fresh, $10
shoes: wanted, winners, $15
belt: value village, $3
coat: h&m, value village, $12
fur stole: value village, $4
purse: value village, $6


  1. I'll buy a lot of things used (even exercise clothes) but undergarments is where I draw the line eeek! LOVE these brogues and the sheer blouse, I am like you and rarely mall shop but when I do, I love mixing old with new and still sticking to cheap & cheerful bargain pieces!

  2. OMG we are so similar! Thx for the lovely compliments.

  3. Found your blog through secondhand rose. I love your style. Very bold and unique. Can't wait to see more!