Collective Thrift Haul Video: Vintage Show + Value Village Sale

I've done quite a bit of shopping over the past week or so and wanted to show you all the goodies I've found. I start off by showing you my Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show finds and then lead into what I found at the Value Village half-off day sale. I was so happy to find such great pieces and I'm very excited to share with you. Let me know what you think! And please, if you like my videos, subscribe to my YouTube channel.

watch here:

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Secondhand Rose Feature + My Style Icons

You may be familiar with the newest curvy fashion blogger to grace the likes of Gabi Fresh and Frantic Dreams. Her name is Rosie and her blog is called Secondhand Rose. She's edgy, glamorous, and witty. She is also my best friend. Every Saturday, she writes a blog post for her Style Icon Saturday series on people who have influenced her style. 

Her latest style icon post was on yours truly. She talked about how our styles are so different yet they create a wonderful balance. She also touched on the fact that we inspire each other's style and even included a hilarious picture of us at our H.S. graduation.

I am constantly inspired by her risky fashion choices and amazing sense of style. Her confident stature makes me feel more confident and inspires me to be fearless. 

Click on the picture to see the full post:

Rosie's style icon posts have got me thinking about my style icons. My style is constantly inspired by my friends, people on the street, celebrities, and fellow fashion bloggers. I've made a list to give you a better idea.

My Style Icons

vivienne westwood
solange knowles
julie sarois
olsen twins
M.I.A., www.tumblr.com 





Who are your style icons? What about their style inspires you? Leave a comment!

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A grand ol' time: blogger's brunch and vintage show

I had been looking forward to today for weeks now. Not only was it my first day off in a while but it was also the Ottawa fashion blogger's brunch and the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show!

The Ottawa fashion blogger's brunch was organized by The Eternal Optimist (Darcy) to give Ottawa blogger's a chance to meet in person, exchange ideas and simply enjoy each other's company. I had so much fun at the blogger's brunch and got to meet a few new bloggers (Hippie Lace and Hold My Umbrella, Bitch) as well as caught up with Marcia, Petite Adventures, Tinfoils Tiaras, and The Eternal Optimist

After a delicious brunch at Milestone's downtown location (I ordered the 'big breakfast' and ate it too fast to show you a picture), we headed to the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show. At the show, I saw a lot of really unique hats, jewelry and clutches. I was surprised to see quite a bit of designer vintage pieces including various Chanel shoes and a gorgeous Pierre Cardin black and white striped dress.

I bought three rings, a paisley tunic with belt, and a Roma scarf for my mom. You'll get to see them in my next haul video! (I'm going to the Value Village half-off day tomorrow and will be making a vintage show / vv haul video.)

bloggers brunch
HMUB, Marcia, Petite Adventures, Tinfoils Tiaras, Eternal Optimist, Hippie Lace

at the vintage show

I was LUSTING over this clear round plastic clutch. 

 dress: french look, vintage, $15
heels: joe fresh, $10

All photos taken by myself and a lovely lady at the vintage booth. 

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Never a mall rat

You're probably curious about the name of this post. Let me explain... 
Me, being a thrift shopper and vintage fiend, will most likely not be found at the mall. And that is true for the most part. Lately, though, you could basically call me a mall rat. I've been to the mall at least three times this week. I said it. 

The reason being, I needed things that I refuse to buy in thrift stores. I also believe that mixing modern clothing with thrifted pieces is how you keep your look modern rather than dated and frumpy. 

I would never purchase undergarments used (although they do sell them at thrift stores, and I suppose people buy them). I don't care if there are brand new tags on them, something about it doesn't seem right to me. I know you're probably thinking it's just as unsanitary to wear pants, dresses, and boots from a thrift store but to each their own. 

On to my outfit:

These are all recent purchases. I love the blouse because it can be layered and paired with nearly everything I already own. My pants are Joe Fresh, they are super comfortable and I fell in love with the colour. My shoes were a steal from Winners and I don't have any functional brogues right now so they definitely made the cut. 

I wore this outfit to the mall and to a late dinner afterwards at Chez Lucien. If you live in or near Ottawa, it is absolutely a must that you visit this restaurant. 


 All photos taken by Lisa Kidd

 blouse: vero moda, winners, $24.99
pants: joe fresh, $10
shoes: wanted, winners, $15
belt: value village, $3
coat: h&m, value village, $12
fur stole: value village, $4
purse: value village, $6
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