Spot the Vintage

Ottawa is in no way known for it's shopping let alone it's second-hand and vintage shopping.


there are more than enough places to find unique vintage pieces as well as fabulous thrift store clothing and accessories.

I've created a handy list of every (that I know of) secondhand/vintage shop in Ottawa.


1. Ragtime Vintage 43 Flora St. 

2. Aunt Olives 209 Gilmour St. 

3. Young Janes 223 Dalhousie St.

4. Allegro & Bang On 53 William St. 

5. Gypsy and Co 203 Dalhousie St. 

Secondhand Clothing + Consignment Stores

Small Stores:

1. Rikochet Resale 255 Richmond Rd. 

2. St. Vincent de Paul 1273 Wellington 

3. The Clothes Secret 1136 Bank St. 

4. AMH Style 1440 Wellington 

5. Act 11 471 Hazeldean Rd. & 3500 Fallowfield Rd.

Big Stores:

1. Value Village (multiple locations)

2. Salvation Army (multiple locations)

3. Goodwill 1620 Merivale Rd.

4. Bibles for Missions thrift store 1545 Merivale Rd.



- more selection
- depending on the day, can get very good deals
- less brand names =  more unique pieces


- time consuming
- hit or miss
- less brand names (if thats what you look for)

small stores


- convenient (less time consuming)
- better brand names (usually better condition clothing)
- designer purses/jewlery/shoes at fraction of retail cost


- less selection
- usually more expensive
- shorter store hours (usually)

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