Ms. Westwood, I love you.

Vivienne Westwood is my favourite fashion designer. 

It's the whimsical red hair, British accent, and obscure insanity that is her personality and collections. She's unlike the others, really. 

She's so smart when it comes to fashion design, climate change, and caring for the environment. 

What I like most about her:

1. She's a British fashion designer.

2. She's unexpected.

Things you should know about her:

1. She's British.

2. Full name: Vivienne Isabel Swire
3. Began designing clothes in 1971.
4. Won British Designer of the Year in 1990
5. Her son is the founder of Agent Provocateur.
6. World's End is her boutique in London (my dream is to go there.)

Do yourself a favor and skim through (or gaze through) some of her collections here. You're bound to be inspired.

Watch the full pt 1 of the interview here. Anyone can learn so much from just listening to her. 

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